Newby to the site. I have a Heald, couple quick questions

I have just purchased a Heald. Runs and drives and is all there except the clutch cover which I understand is hard to come by. It says Trail bronc on it. It has 21-10-8 tires and not stock engine but I have the stock one. It's either an 8 or 10 Tecumseh I believe. Quick questions. What if any difference is there from a Trail Bronc to a Super Bronc? Any way to identify the year? Where is a good source for parts, although I don't need many except for the clutch cover. I may just make one. Thanks all! Would love to have another Heald if you know of good sources.



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I have a couple Healds, A VT-1 and a VT-8 ... not sure the differences but someone will come along that knows ...

That being said I also have a couple Heathkit Hilltoppers, they are very much like the Heald VT-5 (5hp) ... so if that interests you there is a survivor Hilltopper about 4-1/2 hours from you.
1960's Heath Hilltopper Minibike


I like them better than the Healds .. but I like the Healds too!


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Rick Chatten will have what you need.

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Rick is in Windber so get with him next week.
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From an add I have
Basically engine HP, electric start or not electric start, and tire size determine what model it is.
Mine has a serial number under the seat on the front hinge that means nothing....LOL
The only way to know the year is to have a registration or original bill of sale.
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