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    This is the after photo. I restored these two. They were rusty and crusty when I bought them, together.
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    day_one (2).JPG

    I had a Benelli Dynamo as a kid (~1976) and stumbled upon this pair on facebook marketplace, while not knowingly, that I was looking for mini bikes. This is how COVID exposure affected me. I had to have them! Hauled them both home in the trunk of a Honda Civic.
  3. T

    Help ID Benelli Dynamo cc and model

    Hi guys, First post here. Just bought a Benelli Dynamo tonight but unsure on year, model and engine size. I think it is a Dynamo Compact Woods bike, 65cc or 50cc but not sure. Any help or tips would be appreciated. thx Bob
  4. I

    1970 Benelli Dynamo

    Hello OldMiniBikes, I'm a complete newbie to the mini bike scene who recently saved a 1970/1971 Benelli Dynamo from going to the scrap yard. It is in quite rough shape from what meets the eye, I'll need further input from someone who knows what these things are and and give me an estimate on how much...
  5. C

    Benelli Dynamo

    Benelli Dynamo 65cc $300 will ship at buyers expense
  6. FullCircleV-Twin

    Benelli Dynamo HELP

    Hey all, im new to the group. Been wrenching on a 73 Benelli Dynamo that I have had for years, just sitting. My Kicker shaft is broken and I cant seem to find one anywhere, or the pedal for that matter. Anyone know where I may be able to snag one?
  7. benelli180

    Benelli Dynamo Sidehack Sidecar on Ebay

    I have a Benelli Dynamo Sidehack Sidecar with all factory accessories on Ebay now. Best wishes. Benelli Dynamo with Side Hack | eBay
  8. P

    1972 Benelli

    Hi everyone, New to this board and have a question. I recently purchased a Benelli mini bike that I believe is a 1972 "Dynamo" but I am uncertain as to which Dynamo. It looks like there was a Compact, a Woodsbike, and a Trail submodels. Serial number is 646542 but I have yet to find a...
  9. C

    wtb benelli 40.4 mm piston

    looking for a better piston for a benelli dynamo 50 cc
  10. C

    benilli dynamo information 50 or 65

    Hello all, I have purchased a benelli dynamo mini trail , I was looking for infomation on oil mix engine identification 50 or 65 cc, trans oil what year etc,. I already borrowed the wiring diagram which is identical to mine. the engine was stuck but looks to be able to be cleaned up...
  11. D

    Benelli Dynamo and Hurricane

    Hey everyone! I just picked up a Benelli Dynamo (1973) and a Hurricane (1971) out of a barn for $250. They are in pretty decent shape and very complete, but they don't run. They do turn over though. I'm looking for direction on where to get carb rebuild kits. Also, I'm not getting any spark from...
  12. S

    parting out benelli dynamo

    I have a complete bike that I'm parting out. Let me know what your looking for. I can ship most all parts.
  13. T

    Benelli Dynamo Parts & Service Manual

    Looking to buy both a Service and Parts Manual for a 1973 Benelli Dynamo mini bike. Contact me through pm.
  14. B

    1970 Benelli 65cc Dynamo Scrambler

    I have a 1970 Benelli 65cc Dynamo Scrambler for sale and I am hoping to find an enthusiastic Mini-bike person to touch it up for their collection. 1970 Benelli 65cc Italian I have had it for nearly 30 years and it is time to say goodbye. I would look forward to any feed back that will...
  15. J

    Benelli Dynamo

    I have 2 dynamos, both blue, neither running, one is altogether, but kick start is jammed, the other bike is all apart, and comes with a lot of extra stuff, new old stock pistons, cables, extra handlebars, exhaust, new old stock chain, and sprocket asking $500 located in southern Maryland. my...
  16. T

    WTB Benelli Dynamo seat

    ...that's in decent condition (ie) no rips, and frame not too rusty. Thanks!
  17. T

    Benelli Dynamo Seat Wanted

    Need a seat for a 50cc Dynamo project...preferably with a minimum of wear and tear, ready to bolt on. If within an hour or so of Seattle, I'd be willing to drive out and get it. thanks! tom b.
  18. T

    197(?) Benelli Dynamo 65cc two stroke mini bike

    197(?) - I believe it is a 1973 Benelli Dynamo Price $700 - Listed on Craigslist for more - price here is to avoid haggling and sell bike Contact Info PM or tojo92 at msn dot com Bike is in Cedar Park, TX Benelli two stroke 65cc Dynamo mini bike. 197? model. Great older patina. Real...
  19. T

    New member's Benelli Dynamo II (I think)

    Picked this up from Brid. Had a lot of fun on it Saturday night terrorizing the neighborhood. Here are the pics. From what I can tell it is a Benelli Dynamo II, probably a 1972? I plan on getting a bonded title so I can run it on the neighborhood streets. If anyone can offer up any...
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    Benelli Dynamo Wiring Diagram