1. T

    old fat rear tire minibike

    hello all, i remember sometime in the 70's a kid had a green minibike with a wide rear tire was there a company that made them ?? just curious thanks bobby
  2. DefianceSpeed

    Fat guy problems

    I have been trying to dial in my Sears Roper with a 212 Predator engine for the past couple of days. I am a big dude at 270. My engine is stock. I don't care about top speed. I just want to putt around. I had the engine set us with a max torque clutch, jackshaft, and 35 chain. 12 tooth...
  3. N

    New member, converting Manco Rustler 3 wheeler to fat tire bike

    Hello All, New member here, I'm in the process of converting an old Manco Rustler 3 wheeler into a fat tire bike. I got the rolling frame years ago and hadn't really done anything with it. I had put a 5hp Tecumseh powersport motor on it and putted around the yard and then it sat. Decided...
  4. hotrodricky

    Big Bird fat fender front?

    I believe the fender is a Bird front fender and measures 5 & 3/4 wide by 14 heavy sheet metal. Pics upon request. $30 and shipping looks like $13.50 My OldMiniBikes pics don't seem to be working now.
  5. O

    Old fat tire mini bike axle

    I need a 5/8" axle 16 1/2" long threaded on both ends. Anyone have any ideas where I can get one? All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Fat Tony157

    Fat Tony157's - Wards/Gilson - (Vintage Open)

    I just wanted to start off by thanking you guys for all the help and info you have provided over the years. I don't post that often but I have found myself searching through threads looking for info more times than I can count. Anyways, on to the build off project. I have been putting this...
  7. My favorite pic of my fat bike

    My favorite pic of my fat bike

  8. heavygs

    Here's A Fat Tired One For Ya

    Story here Honda XR650L
  9. jeffe

    TAV and fat tires

    So, I'm thinking about a tav for my fat bike, I guess I really should have designed it around one... My homemade setup uses a 3/4" jack shaft and a 1/4" plate. There's about 2 1/4" between the jack shaft sprockets. I'm thinking I could almost make a tav and backplate work if the sprocket was...
  10. C

    Modified Gilson Fat Tire

    Throwing it out for critique. Started with a frame & few (and I do mean FEW) parts. Previously modified for wide tires so went with that thinking. All new components with the exception of the frame, wheels and two pulleys. Tecumseh H50 was NOS as well as the Tecumseh-marketed mini bike...
  11. mini bike frame

    mini bike frame

    to buy or not to buy
  12. FirePowerMinis

    Fat tire fun

    I'm planning a fat-tire "mini" and got started on some of the work for the engine. Crappy stock manifold and reed plate. Hopefully less-crappy version. 8 petals vs 3, streamlined intake vs the dead-end.
  13. W

    Fat Tire Mini Bike Build

    Hello guys just wanted to post about the fat tire trail bike that I've been building over the past month or so! The bike I'm building has a predator 212cc engine with a 30 series torque converter installed on to it. It has two 20" wheels and should be done towards the end of the month! I do not...
  14. 4

    Wanted Honda Fat Cat

    Wanted to buy Honda Fat Cat bike. Message me picture, price and location. Thanks
  15. trinik7597

    Trinik7597 2016 vintage open class Fat horse

    here we go !!! :laugh: not sure what engine is gonna wind up on it but it will be a honda :thumbsup:
  16. J

    Upgrades to Bird Wren for a fat boy

    Bought a Bird Wren with the hopes of upgrading it so it can carry me around swap meets. At 250 lbs., I planning to upgrade to a Predator Hemi engine and a 5" rear wheel and tire. Does anyone think it will work and then will I have to add an engine upgrade kit and what size sprockets?
  17. Roadmaster75

    Pics of a Herter's or Terra-Cat fat tire mini bike

    Does anybody have pics of these mini bikes? I'd like to do a fat tire project next and have seen cool versions of each, but I'm not a historian on these and would like to know what I should be on the look out for… Thanks! mike
  18. J

    Wanted: Manco fat cat

    Wanted Manco fat cat
  19. markus

    Long kickstand Bonanza MX, fat tire bike etc...

    Recently got another batch of kickstands to play with, was going through my records and noticed that on its own it appears the match the one I built for a Bonanza MX. Trying to figure out where that particular stand came from and remembered that it was off a Heathkit Hilltopper and I swapped...
  20. R

    Nice modified (reetek cheetah roller) fat tire roller

    Up for sale is a modified Reetek Cheetah Roller I have decided to take this in a different direction after putting a ton of money into it.Everything that's on it has been reworked and in refurbished condition. Frame & Fork- Bead Blasted -Powder coated Army Green - By prismatic Tires - New...