1. T

    Help again! Fox Sundown Mini Bike Front Forks

    Hello- My son and I are working on getting an old Sundowner going, we posted before about the trans and have since gotten the bike to run! The next hurdle is the front forks. They are VERY loose, I suspect from degradation of maybe a bushing that should be inside the forks. It has probably...
  2. S

    1969 Bird Duck Handle Bars & Forks

    I’ve been looking all through Craigslist list and Facebook market place for a bit and I can’t find these bars for my bird project. If anyone has these bars please let me know. I’m looking to pay around $50. Only PayPal goods and services. I hope I’m using this section right
  3. S

    1969 Bird Mini Bike Forks And Questions.

    I have a 1969 Bird Mini Bike and that i'm restoring and I have some questions. The way that i got it in the forks are definitely not the way they should be they looked chopped and there are weird tubes welded to it and basically I need a new fork for the bike. I cant find a fork that is the same...
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  7. B

    Looking for a set of forks

    Looking for a set of forks, I have a taco but will be changing the head tube so I’m looking for a set that will accommodate 5/8 bolt. Nothing fancy looking for cheap to get a bike going. Located in Central Valley California. Not interested in dealing with collector in southern cal. Not looking...
  8. G

    Front fork interchangability

    So I jumped in on an impulse Ebay purchase of a bare Speedway Scarab frame. It is just the frame and rear swing arm. No fork, engine, handlebars etc... It is not my intention to restore this at all, but to use it to build something fun and a little flashy with a vintage look. That said what...
  9. B

    Needed - Front Fork for a MB165/Baja Carbon

    I need a a front fork for a MB165/Baja Carbon. The silver forks/shocks, not the black MB200 forks that were recalled. Or is there a generic substitute out there? Baja says the part is NLA. A guest riding one of my bikes cracked one of the shocks and finding a replacement has me stumped. My...
  10. B

    WTB - Front Fork for Baja Carbon MB165. Or Pair of Front Forks?

    I need a a front fork for a MB165/Baja Carbon. The silver forks/shocks, not the black MB200 forks that were recalled. Or is there a generic substitute out there? Baja says the part is NLA. I am a long time lurker but first time registering and posting. I learned a lot from members posts...
  11. slywilliez

    Bonanza Rubber Fork boots

    I am looking for 2 sets of really nice fork boots or a set of Strictly hodaka rubber fork boots that someone didn't use. let me know what you have for sale. Thanks
  12. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX lower fork question

    What was the factory finish on the lower forks on the MX bikes?
  13. gammatg

    Does anyone here have the ability to straighten fork tubes?

    I picked up a Montgomery Wards Trail bike over the weekend and it has some high speed forks that need pressed back into shape. Does anyone on here do that or know of anyone who does?
  14. Sixpac440

    How I remove fork buttons, springs and lowers from a Bonanza .. 1 pic

    Soak for a couple days with PB Blaster or what ever ... Get a few 5/8 x 1" or so dowels ... put them in the grip end and pound! :thumbsup:
  15. L

    best fork upgrade for db30 old style

    My forks are completely fried and I was looking into getting azusa front forks to replace my doodlebug forks. I measured it all and it seems like a direct drop in, but was just wondering what the community thinks is the best front forks for the doodlebug. There aren't too many direct drop ins...
  16. j57little

    Sears Roper Front Fork Springs

    If anyone has, or has a lead on some Sears Roper front fork springs I would appreciate - any condition. Please send me a PM. Thanks! Jack
  17. S

    Looking for Grand Prix fork decal

    I'm wondering where I can buy a Taiwanese Grand Prix minibike square decal. Someone noted in the past that reproductions were being sold on Ebay but I haven't been able to find any. Thanks for your help.
  18. Studeman68

    Heald Super Bronc lower fork tube

    Looking for one lower fork tube for my VT8 like the one pictured below. Will take a set if needed. Thanks!
  19. jaimenv

    Bent Duster fork (not anymore).

    Yea the forks are bent back, just enough to bother me. So out came the torch and the welder took care of a crack.
  20. F

    Need help with MTD fork springs

    I just bought a MTD mini bike and the lower tubes on the front forks have a lot of slop in them. I took the two bolts out that go through the top of the springs and pulled everything out. Is there supposed to be a spacer or a sleeve between the inner and out tube to remove the slop?