1. 1974 Cat Slingshot Front End Handlebars/Forks

    1974 Cat Slingshot Front End Handlebars/Forks

  2. 1974 Cat Slingshot Front End Handlebars/Forks

    1974 Cat Slingshot Front End Handlebars/Forks

  3. FunWithStuff

    Cat Slingshot Front End

    Hello! I have recently picked up a Cat slingshot frame and I am looking for a front end to go on it. Compared to most Cats, the Slingshot had the handlebars and forks as one unit that bolted on the frame. If anyone has one I would appreciate being able to get one to work on my Cat. I have...
  4. Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars Decal

    Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars Decal

  5. Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars (Original Chrome)

    Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars (Original Chrome)

  6. Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars (Original Chrome)

    Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars (Original Chrome)

  7. FunWithStuff

    Cat Handlebars HPE/Muskin

    Hello! I am looking for handlebars for a Cat mini bike. I've got a Duster MX I am trying to restore to look as original as possible and the handlebars that are on it now have really been messed with over time. I would like to get a set that hasn't had any welds, tweaks, or mods done to it. If...
  8. S

    1969 Bird Duck Handle Bars & Forks

    I’ve been looking all through Craigslist list and Facebook market place for a bit and I can’t find these bars for my bird project. If anyone has these bars please let me know. I’m looking to pay around $50. Only PayPal goods and services. I hope I’m using this section right
  9. R

    MB-200-GC handlebar bushings

    I just purchased an MB-200-GC to putt around on and it is in rough shape. One of the biggest issues I have with it is the factory handlebar mounts are missing the rubber bushings and the handlebars are extremely wobbly. I can't find them anywhere online. Can anyone help me either locate some...
  10. 20190523_210150.jpg


    Handlebars, brake levers and thumb throttle installed.
  11. B

    WTB handlebars and risers

    Looking for a set of risers and handlebars, chrome would be nice 12'' high but let me know what ya have. Thanks bryce
  12. R

    Is heating/bending the handlebars my "best" option?

    Grabbed a DB30 Dirt Bug over the weekend. The handlebars come straight up, straight up from the forks, at the axle, to where they bend for the actual grips... They are perfect, with no bends from wear & tear (abuse), so I'm looking for the most cost effective, yet smartest way to have/make...
  13. R

    Wanted: Bolt on Grasshopper Handlebars

    Looking for original early bolt on Ruttman Grasshopper handlebars, or something as close to it as possible. They look just like the bars on the one piece Grasshopper fork/bars, very turned down chopper looking. Taking a longshot before I have them made, ya never know.
  14. Phil1958

    WTB: Bonanza MX Handlebars

    Looking for a set of 7/8" Bonanza MX handlebars and clamps. pm me if you want to sell. thanks, phil
  15. S

    Original Taco Handlebars For Sale

    I have a set of original Taco Handlebars in great shape for sale. They came off a Taco ST-100. $50 + shipping. Having trouble posting pics here on this site, so PM me your e-mail address & I'll send you pics.
  16. I

    69 Rupp roadster handlebars

    Looking for 69 Rupp roadster handlebars fenders and gas tank
  17. B

    WTB 1968 Rupp TT500/XL500/XL350 Handlebars.

    Also, need a date coded 1968 Rupp 5HP with lighting coil. joel
  18. B

    Arco handlebars?

    Does anyone know where I can buy replacement bars for my Arco easy rider. Thanks.
  19. da0023

    WTB - 68 Rupp C350 handlebars

    As the subject states, I'm looking for handlebars for a 68 Rupp C350. Thanks, Drew
  20. M

    Wanted Keystone Deluxe Parts

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some parts for my old Keystone Deluxe, these parts being the rear rim and handlebars but if anyone has any other parts for the bike I would potentially be interested. Thanks