MB-200-GC handlebar bushings

I just purchased an MB-200-GC to putt around on and it is in rough shape. One of the biggest issues I have with it is the factory handlebar mounts are missing the rubber bushings and the handlebars are extremely wobbly. I can't find them anywhere online. Can anyone help me either locate some factory bushings or tell me which ones I can use in their place even another set of mounts that will work?


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I've used washers to take up the clearance on the bolts, essentially mounting them solid.
You'll lose your vibration absorption, but it's better than wobbly bars!
Thanks for the reply. I'll do the same.

Btw, here is a pic of the restoration my son and I are doing on his Baja Warrior. My shop is a mess lol.
We stripped it down to bare frame, cleaned it, sanded and painted it with rattle can black. And the plastics were painted with a silver base and metal cast blue over that for a candy look and painted the handle bars. The pics don't do the paint justice as it pops in the sun. And we got a new Predator 212, new throttle assembly, new rear brake shoes and new rear rim. Now just waiting on a new Tav from Hent and we can put everything back together.