1. turftech 1

    Heavy duty bearings???

    Hi all, been doing some serious riding on my Brooks trail bike. Don't know if it is the weight of the machine, the roughness of the terrain or the speed (probably not the speed, as the bike only goes 32 mph and has 18" tires), but the Azusa bearings just don't seem to be able to handle...
  2. A

    Where can i get heavy duty axle bearings?

    looking where i can buy a heavy duty american made bearing 1 3/8" x 5/8" my bike rear axle goes through them like candy, all i can find is this chinese cheap garbage, can somebody tell me where i can get some speacial bearings
  3. 125ccCrazy

    heavy duty hyd brake system (NEW) <<<>>> New Tail light

    brand new, some nicks from being moved around but never used... caliper has a little wider bolt pattern than the db but with a little moding it will work nice... $35 plus ship New tail light... will fit many bikes including Hilltoppers $12 plus ship
  4. M

    Heavy Shake at low RPMs

    Doodlebug with stock 2.5 is shaking pretty pretty hard during takeoff and midrange. When I take off on bike it shakes pretty hard until 15 mph then it smooths out. Seem a bit more than just regular mini bike vibration. Haven't played with anything except the long govener screw
  5. R

    New 19 Tooth Noram GE Clutch with Heavy Shoes

    This is a new 19 tooth Noram GE clutch with heavy shoes red springs 3/4" bore and is for #35 chain. $60 and shipping is included. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
  6. pasadenaboneshaker

    Video of yet another West Coast Heavy Hitter

    This is Dobie's Mini Bike aka DOOM

    Heavy machinery

    Anyone here into vintage heavy machinery? If so, I have a deal for you! I have an International TD-20 bulldozer/highlift. It weighs a little shy of 23 tons. It is probably worth more in scrap, but is too cool to take a torch to. It has been sitting for quite a while, but is restorable. It has a...
  8. SpyGuy

    HEAVY METAL: The Re-Cycle

    Well, it's been a while since I've been here, but it ain't because I haven't been busy ..... A while back, I picked up the plans for the Tom Thumb, thought it would be a cool project to try. Recently, I decided to put my welding skills to the test (I've actually been on this project a couple...
  9. Ruppster81

    Made A Heavy Duty Sand Blaster Nozzle

    I made me one heavy duty sandblaster nozzle assembly today :thumbsup: There are few guy's selling them on ebay for $30 shipped which isnt bad but I had some parts laying around in the garage and thought why not try to make one myself. the only thing I had to buy was a 2pk of ALC 1/8" nozzles...