1. Rupp_It_Up

    Speedway Frame - Red Baron, Green Horn, El Tigre, Blue Angle or Widowmaker

    1973 Speedway Red Baron Frame could be used for any 14" wheel bike. Good solid frame - no cracks or repairs but it does have surface rust and pitting around the seat frame. Foot peg mounting holes need some TLC. $90 + S/H Thanks, Charlie (860) 483-1578
  2. 1972 Speedway Green Horn

    1972 Speedway Green Horn

  3. 1972 Speedway Green Horn

    1972 Speedway Green Horn

  4. Rupp_It_Up

    Rupp_It_Up - 72 Speedway Green Horn - (Vintage Class)

    Here's a 72 Speedway Green Horn I've had for a while and now it's time to make it new. This is the 6th Green Horn I've done over the years and hopefully the last! All the others were nice riders that I eventually sold off. This one is getting my best effort with show chrome and as many NOS...
  5. H

    green horn exhaust

    looking for a exhaust for green horn pm
  6. T

    Speedway green horn

    I have here is a Speedway Green horn I think from 1971, it has been painted black by previous owner, I had this bike for about 3 years. Features 14 inch wheels , newer tires, original muffler and clutch cover and a 5hp Tecumseh Engine which works great starts in 2 pulls or less. Missing rear...
  7. T

    Speedway green horn wiring diagram

    I need a wiring diagram for Speedway green horn. Is there one available out there?
  8. Sixpac440

    New 12v AC Horn ... $16 shipped

    Made for a Vespa ...
  9. Sixpac440

    Need Help getting a horn to work on my minis .. Electrical knowledge needed!

    I have 2 identical minis with H50 lighted motors. Out put is AC. I bought 2 of these AC horns from India, $20 delivered. Saio 12 Volt AC Horn Black for Vespa VBB VBA VLB Chetak High Quality | eBay The H50 does not put out enough power to make them near loud enough. They both do the same...
  10. brown boonie

    Super bronc horn

    Looking for a nice or NOS horn for a super bronc. Thanks.
  11. Sixpac440

    Will this horn work on a H50 Lighted motor?

    The lighting coils are AC ... there is no battery ... will this horn work? Saio 12 Volt AC Horn Black for Vespa VBB VBA VLB Chetak High Quality | eBay Thanks Kevin
  12. '72 Green Horn, as received (Windber 2015)

    '72 Green Horn, as received (Windber 2015)

    This is how I found my 1972 Speedway Green Horn in the bone yard at the 2015 Windber Minibike reunion. Thanks Jeff Mihalko for selling it to me.
  13. capguncowboy

    Vintage Horn button/ Kill switch made by Wizard

    Box plastic is busted on the front. Button is Wizard brand from Western Auto supply. New, never used. $5 plus shipping OBO
  14. Rupp_It_Up

    72 Speedway Green Horn - RESTORED $2400

    1972 Speedway Green Horn Sports Cycle / Mini Bike This is a classic mini bike from the early 70’s that was built in Mansfield, Ohio across town from Rupp Industries. In fact Speedway Products, Inc., was started by 2 ex-Rupp employees. The Green Horn was only produced in ’72 & this bike is...
  15. T

    Speedway Green Horn muffler bracket under seat?

    I recently pick up a Green Horn Muffler. Is there supposed to be a bracket holding the muffler under the seat? Muffler screwed on motor only seems OK as is but is that how its was designed to be installed?
  16. O

    wtf minibike exhaust

    only $800 lmao and the brass horn exhaust is really rare... :laugh: mini bike
  17. ashbyota

    Gemini SST 50 Parts.

    These are some parts that are left from some parts bikes I bought, I'm hoping someone can use this stuff, cause I need some mini bike money!!! Bars, grips, controls, cables, carb, top fork clamp w/ knobs, switch, coil, & horn. Handlebars aren't bent or dented that I can see, chrome is...
  18. Rupp_It_Up

    1972 Speedway Green Horn - Parts Bike

    This an Speedway Green Horn parts bike I got on a trade. Just about everything is there to make a complete roller. It's a great bike for a rider or go all the way & restore it. I will include a photo copy of the parts manual (not shown in picture) & will include a set of gas tank decals...
  19. Ajf

    1970 rupp roadster horn

    Looking for an original 6v horn that was sold as an accessory by rupp.
  20. M

    1970 rupp horn wanted (photo?)

    Does anyone have a photo of the accessory horn that was available on the 1970 Rupp Roadsters? Or have a horn they would like to sell?:thumbsup: