1. scootercat

    MiniCycle Mag

    AUG 1972 $50.00 USPS PayPal....
  2. scootercat

    MiniCycle mag

    JULY 1972 $50.00 USPS PayPal....
  3. A

    Found a 1970's Holder Minicycle Road & Trail (125 AH-817 Tecumseh)

    Hey guys! I just came across this forum while doing some research on a minibike I came across. To introduce myself a little, I guess i'm considered a "picker." I buy and sell stuff from junk stores, garage sales, etc... Well, I was on vacation visiting relatives for Thanksgiving and came...
  4. Holder


    Holder Minicycle
  5. Holder


    Holder Minicycle
  6. huertagg

    Bird Engineering Minicycle clutch cover Wanted

    It's all in the title. Looking for an original black clutch cover for my Bird Thunderbird minicycle. Gonna start a full resto and that's all I need. I appreciate the help.
  7. markus

    Fox minicycle differences

    Does anyone have a brochure or info on what the differences were between the 10" fox minicycle/bikes 1970 timeframe. Typical posted brochures dont really show a couple of the models/versions. Wanting to know which ones came without front fender was it just the spoler that did, or was there...
  8. Mac

    FOX Minicycle Clutch USED

    FOX Minicycle Clutch USED Looks to be in good usable condition. 3/4" bore. I don't know if the parts shown are a complete assembly or not. $75.00 Delivered. Send me a Private Message (PM Me) if interested.
  9. Anderson75

    Murray Track 2 w Honda 5hp GC160

    Murray Track 2 mini bike (minibike) with Honda 5hp GC160cc motor on it. I just purchased it for my son to have but it's way too fast and torquey for him to ride. Just changed the plug and oil. The carburetor could use a little more find tuning, but was good enough to know this isn't for a 7 year...
  10. wyody

    Vintage minicycle project

    My new project, turning a vintage 1974 Kawasaki mc1m 90 cc minicycle in to a fun trail bike and a fast vintage mini racer. Started with two of these, bought them from the same guy on craigs list really cheap and going to get one going with a lot of motor mod's and some better suspension...
  11. Mac

    Minibike / Minicycle Fork

    Just bought this fork yesterday for $20. Have no idea what brand bike it fits. Curious to find out what it fits, and curious who wants it, I NEVER sell stuff cheap, so expect ebay type pricing.
  12. Mac

    Bird MiniCycle / Minibike SoCal Pickup

    Bird Mini Cycle with HS40 Needs carb cleaned probably. I hate it, it's NOT a minibike. $200.00 in my hand, at my house. Oh Yeah.......I only paid $80 for it 4 days ago. I freed up the front springs for $120.(WD40) ( Don't tell George I told you that)
  13. P

    Looking to buy a few issues of Minibike Guide and Minicycle

    Looking for Minibike Guide Febuary 1969 Jul/Aug 1969 November 1970 Minicycycle July 1974
  14. edwin

    ***auranthetic minicycle w/ tav***

    was electric, converted to gas. hauls butt, handles like no other. very fun. can add shocks if desired. has new torque averter from comet. very little use. located in so cal. asking $400 OBO.
  15. huertagg

    Looking for a Bird MiniCycle clutch guard

    My brother stored my bike and lost teh clutch guard. ANYONE HAVE ONE FOR SALE OR TRADE?
  16. born loser

    Local Trade DFW?:MTD Minicycle

    Looking to trade my MTD(Colombia) mini-cycle for a mini bike. The cycle is all there, somebody gave it a bad flat black paint job..,New rear tire.. ready-to-run as-is, but could use some tinkering. Would prefer to trade w/o engine. PM me if you are LOCAL ONLY and are interested in a trade.
  17. Giovanni - Clone

    Giovanni - Clone

    I didn't have the engine for the Giovanni minicycle, so I stuck an engine into the frame to dream.
  18. Bandit


    Bandit. Complete, original, unrestored
  19. Bird Minicycle

    Bird Minicycle

    Bird Minicycle with Honda OHC engine.