70's Snowco Nomad in good ol SC

I am from South Carolina and just been looking around trying to meet people who know a little on small engines and maybe find a little info on where to get some parts. I acquired recently a Snowco Nomad. Never heard of it or the company and am trying to get a little history on these trikes. Its pretty complete but at some point there was a attempt at stealing the engine so some of the parts on it are missing. It has a (what I assume with the bore size) 7hp tecumseh engine with a comet 20 series torque converter. The Drive portion is still there but I am missing the Driven portion so I am on the look out for it. I got it stripped down just cleaning it up and replacing the cables and trying to get the engine to run again. Got some pictures up so far on my progress. other than that it pretty much just has go kart brakes and throttle so that should be a easy fix. I will post some pictures as I go along on it and am always open to ideas and info on these little guys or the engine at least.:laugh: