1. cheezy1

    2017 mystery object

    Hello everyone and welcome to the 2017 Build Off. This years mystery object is.......oops hold on be back in a couple minutes.:doah:
  2. S

    Unidentified rolling object! HELP NEEDED

    Hello all mini bike afficiandos I need help in identifying this mini bike Please advise. Comes with 2 engines Im thinkinhg the tecumseh was the original?
  3. cheezy1

    And the special object for the build off is.......

    This year the special object that you will need in your initial pic is a type of coffee mug (funny mugs a bonus). You can use a travel mug if for some reason you have no coffee mugs. This object will not be needed in every photo of your project....just the first for sure. Those of you who feel...
  4. JohnnyTillotson

    Clinton 404 0100 object

    What is this above the flywheel? Some kind of govenor or something. Never seen this. Did a lot of cleaning and stripping on it today. Shroud is now free of rust and paint. Love it.
  5. Randy

    Taco or Big Bear Wanted - Money No Object

    Like the title says. The only stipulation is it must be within 20 miles of 17055. Please respond VIA PM, if you have the bike. Ask for the blue man. I'll be holding my breath.:wink: