Taco or Big Bear Wanted - Money No Object

Like the title says. The only stipulation is it must be within 20 miles of 17055.
Please respond VIA PM, if you have the bike. Ask for the blue man. I'll be holding my breath.:wink:


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Well Randy for You ! Also Money's no object :devil2: I'm in my truck driving as I Type !
Seriously, I sold 3 Taco's this week if you are looking for something in particular let me know . I'm making room for some current project's so :sailor:HIT has to go .
Wouldn't I be in a bind if the guy behind me has one and he's a member here.:surrender:
No, I was board:innocent:
When I say money is no object, I meant it.. I don't have any. So it's not an object.
why do you want one so bad?
Because I think they are one of the coolest bikes. And there is less then a hand full in the Tri State Area.

Yep. I only bust on them because I don't have one. I'll get one eventually. I just need to fall into it. I have extended family in Chula Vista so I may get them up to speed. He already goes to the shows and runs with the Corvette club out there so he may already have a contact? Heck it couldbe one of the guys here? It's a small world. I just never worked him on it. :smile: