1. Hotshot


    Kawasaki powered hotshot
  2. T

    Doodlebug and Racer Chain Upgrade?

    Hi y'all I am plagued with #35 chain on two of our smaller mini bikes; Doodlebug and Racer (they have stock 212cc Hemi Predator swapped in) The chain get stretch like crazy. We made the new chain short as possible and adjusted the tensioner all the way forward ("loose") and adjusted the...
  3. F

    Baja Racer (DB30S I think) max tire size

    I'm about to go pick up my first mini which I'm getting in trade for an old Honda pit bike engine. It's a lime green Baja Racer with a 3hp engine in it. I'm going to toss a Predator 212 in there at some point as I doubt very much the stock engine will move me with any speed whatsoever. I'm...
  4. S

    ST-100 Super Taco Racer!

    Built up an ST-100 Super Taco with a modified Predator engine, running through a GTC torque converter. Will be using it for flat track & TT racing. What fun! Here's what I started with & the near-finished bike. Need to change the rear brake pedal to a hand brake & mount some rubber...
  5. J

    Tote Gote 750 Racer

    Thought I'd share this tote gote I found not too far from my house in a barn along with several others. After talking to the expert Mr. Richard Trotter, I believe its a custom racer from the front springer forks, return line on the fuel tank and wide brake band. It has a 8hp Briggs and Stratton...
  6. glenn baine

    Glenn Baine's - BRONCCO FLAT TRACK RACER - (Vintage Open)

    since am far along with my other build i need to to get this one done ( it only been like this for 3 years) if you cant be in 2 class just let me know good luck to ever one thanks for having me.:scooter:
  7. Chain Linkin

    Chain Linkin's - DB Dirt Racer - (Chinese Class)

    Bought this bike late last spring and added just enough bolt-on parts to have it ready for our race season (Note the paint can lid number plates with the always classy zip-tie mounts). Now that our season is finally over it's almost time for a complete tear down and proper rebuild. I say almost...
  8. Z

    wanting to build a bar stool/beer crate racer type go kart, help needed..

    Hi guys, recently been thinking about building something up over winter, got an old 125 pit bike engine which id like to make use off, wanting this to be a bit of a budget build sourcing second hand parts if possible.. I can make most parts only thing that's stumping me a bit is the rear...
  9. L

    Carlisle Slick Smooth 13X6.50-6 for drag mini bike, street racer, pavemnt cruiser

    $35 shipped obo tire is never used, however was kept in storage and has what looks like a puncture in the pictures, but doesn't go through. Still 100% functional doesn't leak or lose air. Cheap.
  10. james ackerman

    Baja racer new or older model?

    Thinking about buying a Baja racer mini bike. Dont know much about them. Does anyone know if the racer is a newer or older model or have they always made them? Looking for a little history lesson here guys.
  11. aranhawaii

    Green DB30 Baja Racer w/212cc

    Hi all... looks like I have found project #2. It's a Baja Racer (DB30) that I'm going to put a 212cc Predator on. This is a DB30-S, right? Here are some photos: Obviously, I have not worked with this frame or engine before, so any advice you all have will be HUGELY helpful. Here goes...
  12. B

    A few pics of my barstool racer.

    Thought I would share a couple pics of my Barstool Racer. I built quite a few of these between 03-05. This is the first one I built 12 years later. Looking through the engine forums and finding lots of good info.
  13. Carb to frame clearance issue

    Carb to frame clearance issue

    Tillotson intake and carb, 6.5 briggs
  14. Custom Barstool Racer

    Custom Barstool Racer

    Big Chicken with built in cup holder
  15. Racing Barstool with 6.5 Briggs and TAV

    Racing Barstool with 6.5 Briggs and TAV

    Barstool racer drive train details
  16. Big Chicken Barstool

    Big Chicken Barstool

    Barstool Racer with wheelie bar
  17. Possom point

    "WTB" murray track 2 mini racer

    Looking to buy a Murray track 2 mini racer, I would like to get the whole bike, with or without motor. thanks located in Richmond Va
  18. Not so mini bike

    2016 build off. JFF not so mini bike Rigid Racer

    Well it might not make the build off dead line but I am hoping to just finish in general. Lol I've got way to many bikes to build and the weather limits the things I can do. But with that said this is gonna be a basic build or an extremely detailed one I haven't decided. :out: Bc1000 frame...
  19. Not so mini bike

    Vintage racer h25

    Everything in the picture is included. Not gonna do anything with it. I think some one should though. Here's some more info. http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/tecumseh-engines/120872-performance-stock.html $75 shipped

    another boy racer turbo honda