1. Studeman68

    Ride for a Mini from Windber?

    Hi, I've purchased a small Mini from another member here (Slywilliez) who is willing to bring it to Windber. Wondering if anyone may be willing to let it tag a ride back toward SE Michigan, or I could meet in Toledo area of Ohio? Willing to pay to have it brought back.. Please let me know if...

    Another Mini bike ride video, Great music.

    Grab a brew, take in the view! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyiKTm9HhyE
  3. Phil1958

    Pure Stock Winber Parade Ride

    as some of you know i have had trials and tribulations trying to complete a winber parade. this year i am taking no chances. no last minute builds with crappy throttle cables, no running of out gas or oil, no excuses. i started out with an mx roller trying to put a torque converter on it...
  4. Sixpac440

    My adult Daughter Amy posted up her Heald ride on FB ...

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1543502968993104&set=a.999817793361627.1073741829.100000002476642&type=3&theater I put together a Heald with a starter and lights for her ... Amy named her Dorothy ... "Just Dorothy and me out for an afternoon ride. We rode out to Cowden Lake and...
  5. Raskin

    CT200u street ride

    ..street ride took few weeks ago..stock gx200 clone.. shorty hot dog muffler,air filter.. governor removed,inverted 10t clutch 68t rear sprocket.tablet used on belly a bit choppy..Thanks for watching :smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u29Q1VTHtco[/url]. Unwatchable on tablet it seems...
  6. Shawn Stunna

    First ride.

  7. MountainBSTRD

    Anyone know what kind of bike this is?

    I bought this today in Colorado Springs. The previous owner said that he thinks it was built in the 60's/70's, but wasn't sure. If anyone recognizes it, I would appreciate any info you could provide.
  8. Daniel Coop

    "Po' White Trash" stretched DB30s payoff test ride

    After a long build, I finally had the opportunity (time/weather) to break it out and bring it's Childish Concepts Racing built 5 bolt Grayhound clone to life and go for a quick test ride.

    A short ride and some music.

    I logged in here, and a pop-up told me I should post or do something. So, here's a video for you that I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U2a3PNNUj4
  10. P

    Old ride, fun build

    I build this back in '06.....not quite a mini, but it's a fun ride. The grand kids have taken it over, my fat a$$ can't pedal it anymore. We named it the "ped-chuco", which roughly translated means "mexican muscle car":laugh: I keep thinking I need to motorize this bad boy.........
  11. chipper

    Xmas Eve Trail Ride

    Had to put the beat down on my boys and their race bikes ! 76° Today !
  12. Jamie1972

    Late Fall ride....

    Had a chance to visit a "Awesome friend" up North for a late Fall trike ride in the sticks..! Thanks again!!:thumbsup:
  13. Dr. Shop Teacher

    The Not-So-Official Gilson/Wards/Allis Thread~Post Your Ride Here

    Gilson/Wards/Allis Minibikes are becoming popular builds. Post pics of your ride here (survivor, resto mod, rat rod, modified, restored, awaiting rescue). if you want a copy of the image below, PM Dr. Shop Teacher, with an email address.
  14. BBQJOE

    Going for a ride. (Video)

    I took this ride the other day. I just strung these together without any production or editing. Lots of wind in the audio, a bit bumpy holding the camera by hand. All the clanking noise is my bag full of tools bouncing around in the crate. I need a better system for them. Anyways...
  15. jeep2003

    What was your first ride?

    My first ride was an old snapper riding mower we got from our aunt. At first we set it up much as original with a vertical shaft engine and 5 speed transmission. Later on we put a 5hp briggs on it with a centrifical clutch. We rode it like that for probrobly 6 years or so. Then when I was 10 we...
  16. Sixpac440

    Lowell Ride 9-25-16 Pics and Videos ...

    RCGuy (Mark) with his friend Gene hosted the Lowell ride ... we were out from about 1:00 to 5:00 .... We rode the streets and back streets of Lowell Michigan. No trouble with cops ... nice easy going day. It wasn't a Race but just a cruise. 15 bike came out. A nice thing about this ride...
  17. james ackerman

    My new ride I picked up for 70 dollars.

    Jus picked this baby up. Looks like someone put a speedway front wheel on it but in kinda like it and may keep it on. Not sure the exact make of this little trike though. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. nds1968

    You ride first....

    Definitely not mine, let me know if your leg survives :scared: Mini bike 8hp
  19. RCGuy

    Lowell Mi pre fall ride. Sept 25th

    Come one, come all! See the beautiful back roads, avenues and covered bridges of historic Lowell. Mostly paved and smooth dirt roads. Planning a stop at Fallsburg covered bridge, an ice cream pit stop and whatever else we have time for. In the past these have been rides with some miles on them...
  20. YOOP

    Time to ride

    Been quite some time since we really rode any mini's.Dusted off a couple and rode the crap outta them this weekend. Both have been sitting for well off a year or two.Thought for sure i'd have to mess with the Tec to get it running good but ran like a top.Burned up quite a few tanks of gas with...