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    A pair of homemade fenders
  2. J

    2 speed set up

    Hello, For sale is a complete 2 speed set up. Used for less than 1 hour then removed and stored a few years ago. Jack shaft mount is a heavy duty home made unit. 3/4 " max torque engine clutch & Comet 2 speed transmission. 12 tooth sprocket to rear wheel. $220.00 shipped. Postal Money order...
  3. D

    Alsport trisport new old stock phase lll decal set on ebay!!!!!

    New old stock set for sale on ebay! Very cool trike to own, be better with a new set of decals. These dont come up often!
  4. drenchedgremlin

    Need gasket set for briggs model 80202

    I am rebuilding an old briggs 80202 model, type 1101-01 3 hp engine. I am having a hard time figuring out which gasket set will fit as i cant find parts directly for the 80202. would the 80202 technically be a part of the 80200 series...
  5. james ackerman

    Set of 4 inch manco rims.

    Nice set of manco 4 inch rims. $60 shipped
  6. B

    Looking for Ct200u jackshaft set up,anyone have one there tripping over?

    Looking to see if anyone has a jackshaft set up that they removed and aren't using. I've had a ct200u I picked up cheap in the back of the garage, pulled it out today and the jackshaft is bent. If cash wasn't tight I'd buy the aftermarket one. Thanks guys.
  7. scootercat

    RUPP Wheels & Tires set

    Rupp Wheels & Tires,no axle for front,brake pads good,rusty with over spray will be good for a Rat bike!...Rear has Brake,axle and chain adj. $125.00 for pair+shipping PayPal
  8. scootercat

    wheels & Tires set

    Unknown,to Me what brand...fresh blasted,slight surface rust,Tires are good Rear 2.50 wide Front 3.00 wide x 10 $100 for the pair+ shipping PayPal
  9. Phil1958

    New HSS Drill Bit Set

    Ordered this drill bit set from amazon. i needed larger bits to make knobs for some audio gear, don't ask... they have that chinese look and are supposed to be M2 HSS. they will be used on aluminum stock so hopefully they cut clean. :thumbsup: :chinese: phil
  10. S

    New Member-CTU200 Set to Arrive Tonight!

    Hey all! 33 year old Minnesotan currently living on the east coast (Delaware). New to mini bikes and the forum. I've been playing around with a Baja Doodlebug I bought cheap at a flea market, but no papers mean I can't get it titled or ride it anywhere but my driveway. Ordered a Coleman...
  11. bikebudy

    BIRD decal set

    28.00 us shipped I also have ONE guard decal as a single , 6.00 US Shipped 2.00 US Discount on each extra decal ordered.
  12. bikebudy

    SACHS Engine decal set

    2 sets, 15.00 US Each set, shipped 2.00 US Discount on each decal ( Or Set ) ordered. Engine Photo is for Reference only
  13. bikebudy

    CAT 400X decal Set

    22.00 US for each set Shipped all decals on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  14. bikebudy

    Cat Eliminator decal Set

    26.00 US for the set shipped all decals on chrome
  15. bikebudy

    CAT Slingshot Decal Set

    30.00 US Shipped each, 2 sets up for now all decals are on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  16. Not so mini bike

    5" Manco wheel set w/tires

    Brand new tires and sprocket. Freshly sandblasted wheels. Also has the sprocket adapter. $125 shipped.
  17. Biffmini

    One set, NOS 3.50x10 IRC- INOUE Tires

    These tires are in excellent condition stored in dark warehouse. I'm asking $60.00 shipped
  18. jeep4me

    Super Bronc VT8 Fender set

    I have a set of fenders off from a VT8 for sale. This set has the wide rear fender and the smaller front fender. Chrome is decent, back fender has some slight damage on one corner along with one extra hole drilled next to the tail light mount. Front fender has two holes drilled at the tail end...
  19. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza kidney bean wheel set W/ sprocket and original hardware

    Nice set of 6" kidney beans. Complete set. With sprocket and original mounting hardware. Nice shape. Bolts ame out with no issues. No cracks or breaks. Sprocket is 72t $200 shipped for what you see here.
  20. Sprocket86

    Tillotson HL gravity feed set up/pop off pressure

    I'm having issues with my Tillotson HL-239b carb and I'm hoping you tilly carb experts could help me out. If your gravity feeding a tillotson HL carb, does the pop off pressure need to be lowered? The HL-239b was originally set up for an external pulse line for fuel pump action via the middle...