1. ErikR

    f/s Cat Slingshot sissy bar

    N.o.S never mounted Cat slingshot sissy bar, has nice chrome but does have very,very light rust due to sitting in moisture and dust for last 30 years, it should clean off. I'm asking $45.00+ shipping
  2. S

    Cat Slingshot 350 Purchase...

    Look what I got yesterday off of Craigslist for $180...:thumbsup: The guy I bought if off of said he had it in storage for 10 years and he bought it from a vehicle guy that worked at Disney. According to him, the bike was used in Disney parades in the early 70's. It is in...
  3. markus

    Cat slingshot R3502 frame/forks

    Cat slingshot bare frame and forks, has the footpegs and kickstand both in good working order. setup for drum brake in rear. very straight, does have a few extra holes drilled in it, the cut for the chain appears to have the usual reaming to do away with the chain roller/guide. the tubes...
  4. crazy4flatheads

    cat parts

    looking for rear fender and seat for a cat x3 slingshot please have pictures
  5. crazy4flatheads

    my new cat

    here it is my new project on the plate is says 'the cat' 'x3' 'slingshot' this is the first x3 ive seen. ive seen the x350 slingshot online but not an x3 can anyone tell me the difference or help me find some info on this model id like to keep the frame as close to original as i can thanks for...
  6. Eliminator

    FOR TRADE a CAT Slingshot Seat & Sissy Bar...

    We have a CAT slingshot original seat and sissy bar. The seat is not bad, it has 2 small slices in the rear and one on the side. The sissy bar shows past repairs and both had some red overspray on them. Soap & Water cleaned 99%off the seat material itself. The threaded insets are present and we...