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    Another new torque converter arrived.
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    TAV2-30 improved driver clutch design
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    tav2-30 driver pulley problem.
  9. TheDullCarbide

    TAV2 Driven-6" or 7"?

    I have a TAV2 on my Ty-Rail gokart. It came with a 6" driven. I assume it was chosen because it had a wider shifting ratio than the 7". I had a 7" with belts lying around from my old Yerf Dog. Tried it out, and :ohmy:, the TORQUE. It wasn't just the fact that it was an inch bigger, but the belt...
  10. Fat Tony157

    Tav2 30 series torque converter (aftermarket)

    This is an aftermarket Tav2 30 series torque converter. Not a genuine comet. I bought this for my build-off mini bike this past winter but I decided a standard centrifugal clutch was better suited for the build and no longer need this. It works great and has nothing wrong with it. It has maybe...
  11. BWX

    Torque Converter (TAV2 clone) spacers?

    I'm wondering if anyone sells spacers individually or in a set. I have a Predator 212 with 3/4" shaft with a TAV2 30 clone with 5/8" driven shaft. The shaft with the sprocket would need spacers with a 3/8" keyway, and the front would need 3/4" washer(s). I bought a different sprocket and...
  12. E

    Tav2 Torque Converter

    I ordered and received a Tav2 TC from EBay, and it's causing me more trouble than I expected. First, the bolts that came with the TC didn't fit my predator engine. Did a search on OldMiniBikes and found that the predator engine took 5/16-24 bolts. :mad: Ordered bolts. Wait 2 weeks. Got bolts. Put TC...
  13. E

    Tav2 Cover

    Does anyone make a metal cover for the tav2 torque converter?
  14. Sprocket86

    Adjusting Comet Tav2 engagement RPM

    Hello there. I'm in the process of fine tuning my Lawn Boy Powered Tav2 equipped mini bike and I'd like to change the stall or engagement RPM in both the driver clutch and the driven clutch to a higher RPM value. My driver clutch is a genuine Comet part but I see no colour markings on both...
  15. S

    chinese comet tav2

    hey everyone. i have a hemi pred on my baja mb200. i purchased a chinese tav2 torque a verter. but i cant get the engine anywhere near govener and cant seem to get any faster than 43mph. i know a tc will only spin so fast but the comet tav2 on the same bike with me on it breaks 55mph. how do i...
  16. K

    Tav2 knock off belt sizing?

    I have a knock off tav2 and the center to center measures 6 3/4". The 203589a belt is for 6 5/8" - 6 11/16" and the manco 5959 Is for 6 15/16" - 7". I'm right in the middle of both of these, what should I use?? The driven clutch is centered to the backing plate. Any ideas?
  17. yalipito

    TAV2 aluminum cover and custom handlebars FS

    For sale diamond plate tav2 cover and a custom made set of handlebars $25 ea plus shipping from 30214. PM for pics. Can't upload from photobucket. Thanks
  18. Sprocket86

    Canadian Sprocket With Lawn Boy Durforce 2 cycle and Tav2

    Here's my Lawn Boy Duraforce 2cycle Srocket mini bike during some initial testing. It pulls very hard with the Tav2 and I'm barely touching the throttle. I know the exhaust is lame lol. Enjoy :) I know I started a thread on this last year but I got side tracked, I do apologize...
  19. Hec In Omaha

    Help with a Tav2 rear wheel sprocket set up

    All, I have an AZUZA (Well sort of) with a Tecumseh OHH60 6 HP motor. I am running a TAV2 Torq-A-Verter. The rear wheel sprocket is 60 Tooth using #35 chain. The problem is WHEELIES! This bike will wheelie with the slightest input of throttle! We aren't talking a 2" wheelie we are...
  20. T

    Tav2 install help.....chain and sprocket alignment

    So I am test fitting everything, installed drive and driven nice to realize the rear sprocket and jackshaft sprocket don't line up. Now if I space out the jackshaft sprocket to match the rear wheel sprocket,then the driven pulley moves forward, then the drive pulley has to move forward which...