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  1. Prototype Bonham 2x2 Tote Gote

    Prototype Bonham 2x2 Tote Gote

    A rare and unusual 2wd prototype Bonham Tote Gote motorcycle which appeared on eBay July 2019. It is a "partial restoration" in the sellers words, and does not appear to be %100 complete...but mostly there and a good candidate for a real restoration. From the auction listing description: "1959...
  2. J

    Tote Gote 750 Racer

    Thought I'd share this tote gote I found not too far from my house in a barn along with several others. After talking to the expert Mr. Richard Trotter, I believe its a custom racer from the front springer forks, return line on the fuel tank and wide brake band. It has a 8hp Briggs and Stratton...
  3. CLH

    Tote Gote Nova Fuel Pump Pulse Line Input Help

    I am restoring a Tote Gote 670 Nova. I need to run a pulse line to power the new pump, and I am wondering the best place to do so on this particular engine. I'm guessing I will need a fuel pump as these bikes came stock with a oldschool mechanical Tecumseh one that ran off the cam, as the...
  4. S

    Just bought a Tote Gote Model 400-4

    I'm new to the site here, glad to be a part of the mini bike club. Looks like a lot of knowledge here. I've been wanting a tote gote for a little while and this one just came up for sale real close. Its in ruff shape but workable I think. From the little research I've done the climb away clutch...
  5. Z

    What Gas Tank for Tote Gote Trike?

    I have a Tote Gote 503 Trike. When I got it it didn't have a gas tank. Does anyone have pictures of the gas tank so that I can fab something up that looks very close to original. Thanks in advance!
  6. CLH

    H60 or H70 Tecumseh

    Looking for a Tecumseh H60 or H70 engine. (or any 6/7hp Tecumseh model variant) Needs 1" shaft, at least 2 3/4" inches long with 1/4 inch keyway. Any era, any condition as long as its complete or near complete. Going onto a early 60's Tote Gote Nova 670. Thanks
  7. The_Ruppster_86

    WTB: Tote Gote Bike

    Gentlemen, Looking for a Tote Gote or similar bike in good/ nice condition both cosmetically and mechanically. I prefer a full suspension setup with the correct style engine for the period. Not looking for a project/ parts bike. Below I've attached photos of the style bike I am interested in...
  8. T

    Another Tote Gote in my stable

    E Bay put this one for auction - pick up in Flagstaff, Arizona only. Since I had to run a shoot at my Pleasant Valley Trap Club the following week, and one of my shooters was coming from Flagstaff -- Why not?
  9. P

    Hello from Reno---ADULT SIZED mini bike wanted for off road..

    DO i have to get a tote goat to get the biggest mini bike type vehicle???? Thx,
  10. M

    WTB Tote Gote 750. Roller or Complete

    Looking to buy a Tote gote 750. Roller or complete, in pieces it doesn't matter. Let me know what you have, and lets make a deal.
  11. M

    WTB a Tote Gote

    Looking to buy a tote gote with suspension. Ideal gote would be a model 750, but let me know what you have. Can arrange pick up. PM me with what you have.
  12. B

    Need parts for tote gote

    I am new to this site, but I need a few items for a tote gote that I bought. I am looking for a rear wheel w/ sprocket and a gas tank. Not sure of the model number as I bought frame with front wheel and tire. FedEx can't locate rear wheel and tire that was with it. Thanks for any help you can...
  13. R

    670 tote gote nova pulley removal

    Hey guys I could really use some help I'm trying to restore this bike as close to original. Hasent been hard being that the gote was in awesome shape to begin with. I'm trying to take the pulley off the worm drive and I can't get the back half off that is Hooked to the high low rod. Looks like...
  14. N

    Tote Gote Help

    first off i am new here. i aquired this bohnam tote gote 5 or 6 years ago knowing it was a worth while find. i have had hard time finding out anything about it. any help would be much appreciated. thank you
  15. yankee-bears

    Tote Gote Gas Tank

    Tote Gote gas tank . I think it is for a Nova 680. I bought it with the intention of putting it on my Model 404 . It will not fit without modifying my frame . I do not want to lose the original patina to my bike or the tank . The inside is very clean . Outside is orginal Blue paint with decals ...
  16. F

    introducing myself

    Hello Everyone, Fireltdan here. Just a quick note to introduce myself. I just can't resist old and unusual stuff with an engine. I registered at this site so that I might take advantage of any information on Tote Gotes. I have two frames with running gear that I purchased on CL. Trying to...
  17. R

    Nova Tote Gote wanted for restoration

    I'm looking for a Nova tote gote. A 680 would be nice. I have some parts and want to restore.
  18. M

    tote gote

    i just bought one (model 610) and was wondering are they all impossable to roll without being underpower?also does anyone know where to get repro decals?thanks a bunch...
  19. T

    Tote Gote 600 kick stand wanted

    I need a kick stand for my model 600 Tote Gote. If you have one that you do not choose to part out, I could use dimensions to duplicate. I also am interested in screen sets for Tote Gote model 600 and 770. What have you got? doug_simsatmsndotcom
  20. Oldgote

    Looks like a GOTE?

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I can get it inexpensive but I don't know what to call it. HELP!:shrug: