212cc predator won't start...

    I screwed something up...first it ran nice.. Then it ran for a short time before it shut I can't even get it to start..I have never even rode the engine..this all happened while trying to break the engine in..
  2. Dr. Shop Teacher

    TECH: Briggs Carb Troubleshooting Guide

    This is a good service reference for troubleshooting pre-emission and emission-compliant carbs (covers OHV). Hits the variants of Briggs tank-mounted carbs and float-bowl type carbs. Useful for any brand engine...
  3. B

    Need help troubleshooting a problem

    I picked up a DB30 at Walmart for half price that had been returned because it had issues. It had a sign on it that said it would idle but stalls when given gas. I stopped and got a new spark plug on the way home and swapped it out before I even tried starting it. With the new plug and started...
  4. M

    Troubleshooting Tecumseh 6.5hp Motor

    Hey guys, Having issues with my minibike. Bought it, a Murray Track2, with an already installed 6.5hp Tecumseh engine. I was adjusting the carburetor on it one day and ended up breaking the float bowl. I then replaced the carburetor with a 6.5hp lawnmower carb, replaced the air filter, and...
  5. Clayon

    Troubleshooting a 3hp Briggs

    Okay, I just picked up a 3hp briggs water pump, trashed the pump part, and am gonna use the 3hp on a mini bike. Problem is that there is not spark. I cleaned the points, used a new spark plug and cleaned everything else thoroughly. I am think I will buy a new coil because I tried another...