145/70-6 Knobby tire actuall dimensions

I read recently in another thread that minibike tires often exceed the size written on the tire. My Trail Bronc has 15.0 x 6.0-6 tire on the front. Does this mean a 145/70-6 knobby might be as tall or taller than the 15.0 x 6.0-6 on my trail Bronc? It seems to be the closest knobby in size to the stock tire that I can find listed anywhere.

Does anyone have one mounted up that can give actual dimensions? What Knobbies have been used on the front of Trail Broncs?

Mike T
I have the 15x6x6 DURO knobby on my VT5. Now I'm in the same boat as you. They say the 145 is 14.5 inches tall. 70mm wide and 6 inch rim. I would also like to see one mounted up.
145/70-6 is sized like car tires; 145 is section width in mm; 70 is aspect ratio in % of width; and, of course, 6 is rim diameter. 145 mm section width x 70% = 101.5 mm sidewall height.

145 mm = 5.71"

101.5 mm = 4"

OD = rim diameter + 2x sidewall height; should be 14" +/-
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Thanks to everyone that took time to answer. I do know how to calculate a tire's dimensions from the numbers on the sidewall and the automotive type size designation, as Charles S pointed out tells me that this tire is 13.992" tall and 5.707" wide.

Chatten: So the 15x6-6 Duro Knobby is NLA?

I know what rear tire to get; Duro Rear HF-240A 18x9.5-8 Tire.

So mebbe I try the 145/70-6 and see if will be suitable or just go with turf tires .

I will snag a 145/70-6 tire, mount it up on a wheel and put it on the Trail Bronc and take some pictures and post a followup with numbers.

Thanks again.

Mike T