1. P

    knobby tires for doodle bug

    Hi guys: New guy to mini bikes. Found a cheap d30 and bought it... I want to replace tires without wheel change and I want it to be "short" and old school looking and suitable for off road running. I will rig 212 cc on this thing. What tire size and brand do you guys think...
  2. Mike T

    145/70-6 Knobby tire actuall dimensions

    I read recently in another thread that minibike tires often exceed the size written on the tire. My Trail Bronc has 15.0 x 6.0-6 tire on the front. Does this mean a 145/70-6 knobby might be as tall or taller than the 15.0 x 6.0-6 on my trail Bronc? It seems to be the closest knobby in size to...
  3. S

    4.10/3.50-6 knobby

    As the title states, looking for a 4.10/3.50-6 knobby tire. Cheng Shin prefered, but open to others as well. Let me know what you got. Thanks for looking! :smile:
  4. 125ccCrazy

    FREE>>>>> Carlisle dbl Indian head 4.10-3.50-6 universal knobby

    Some not too bad dry cracking on the sidewall, good tread..I probably wouldn't use it on a show bike but would be good for a rider.. Just pay for the shipping..
  5. 45t

    Really needed 4.00-6 & 4.10x3.50x6 knobby tires for a Cat 400TS

    I went to air the tires up on my sons 400TS project we recently picked up and they both cracked (both were dried up). :scared: So we are in need of a 4.00-6 rear knobby tire and a 4.10x3.50x6 (12.5x6) front knobby tire. I've included a few pics of what we desperately need. Hopefully there are...
  6. diggers

    Wanted Carlisle 410/3.50x4 single sided Indian Head knobby tire

    Wanted 1 Carlisle one sided Indian head knobby tire 410/350x4.... I would prefer NOS but let me know what you have and price thanks .... :thumbsup:
  7. derekbmn

    Carlisle 4.00 x 6 Knobby Tread Tires

    As the title says....Please PM me,Paypal preferred. Thanks in advance :thumbsup::thumbsup: Tread on the right....
  8. tbird

    4.10x3.50x4 knobby tire

    4.10x3.50x4 knobby tire (no brand name) Tread isn't to bad on it. Asking $5
  9. tbird

    4.10x3.50x4 Carlisle knobby tire

    4.10x3.50x4 Carlisle knobby tire Tread is worn but still has some left. Tire needs cleaned up. Asking $5
  10. tbird

    4. 10x3.50x4 Carlisle knobby tire with rim

    4.10x3.50x4 Carlisle knobby tire and rim. Comes with a sprocket spacer also. Tread is very good. Rim needs cleaned up. Asking $15 obo
  11. countstevula

    Terra Floater 2 Stroke!!!

    I'm freshening up this old Terra floater 2 stroke. The biggest obstacle for me will be the engine. The rest will be powder coated or replaced. New knobby tires have been ordered.
  12. J

    Goodyear Tire 5" WTB

    All, I'm looking for a five inch Goodyear knobby for my restoration. Thank you..
  13. markus

    Carlisle 4.00 x 6 "knobby" tire WANTED!!!!!

    I am in need of a Carlisle "knobby" 4.00 x 6 tire. These did not have indian heads on them usually so that is irrelevant. Needs to be in really good to mint shape, its for a rebuild. Pic is of the tire I need, thank you!
  14. tbird

    looking for a DB30 tire.

    Looking for a DB30 knobby tire. I don't need a rim, just the tire. Please pm me with price if anyone has one for sale. Thanks......
  15. diggers

    WANTED!!! 4.10/3.50-4 indian tire knobby

    Hello I am looking for a 4.10/3.50-4 knobby NOT the sawtooth indian tire for my lil indian. The front tire looks good but the rear tire has cracks in it. Also mine only has the indian head on one side. Any help would be great Also new to the site.:shrug:
  16. KustomKartKid

    WTB Goodyear 21 or 22 x 11 x 8 ATV Tire...Like This:

    Goodyear Compass....Just need one...PM with price if you have one...thanks!!! .
  17. 45t

    4.00-6 Knobby tire needed

    Looking for a 4.00-6 knobby tire that came on the rear of some of the Cat bikes (400EL, 400TS, Duster & Slingshot to name a few). I need it for my 400EL. I wanted to check with the OldMiniBikes guys & gals first before I buy a 5.30x4.50x6 to use instead. Here are a few reference pics of the style of...
  18. D

    Will a universal tire fit a Sensation? Will handling improve?

    Need tire advice: studded vs. universal on pavement and wooded I need to replace one tire, so I'm considering changing both tires from studded to universal on my Sensation MB-6A. If both types of tires say 4.10/3.5-6, will they have the same diameter? The brake is very close to the existing...
  19. D

    Is this tire picture incorrect on OldMiniBikes?

    Is this picture which is supposedly showing a "knobby" tire actually showing a "universal" type tire? 410 X 350 X 6 4PLY KNOBBY TIRE CHENG SHIN This picture of a "universal" tire looks just like it: 530X450X6 2PLY Universal TIRE CHENG SHIN Thanks, Dave
  20. JamnJM

    2x new Duro 4.10-6" knobby tires 2 ply $55 shipped

    2x new Duro SNOW 4.10-6" heavy knobby tires 2 ply Great for dirt $55 shipped within the USA May be a little distorted at first as they have been laying around for sometime, just mount them and air them up....