196cc Lifan Greyhound 66015 build underway, question about lash caps

I bought this thing 5 years ago at HF and it has been in the box since then.

I got motivated this week to do something with the Lifan to play around with some extra HP on one of my Minibikes

I now have a stage 3 kit from NR racing which includes a bored .65 honda carb, small fan, honda oem flywheel w 8DEG timing key, K&n airfilter and adapter, 22 lb springs, honda valve guide, Mod 2 cam, header and an Arc billet rod. Governer and oil sensor are out , holes plugged and I am about ready to reassemble. Here is my question:

The Lifan has no lash cap on the intake valve, only on the exhaust valve. Do I need to add one for this build or go back with the stock valve train/ rocker assembly ( w/o intake lashcap) with the new cam for this engine? Some of the builds that I have reviewed add one, some do not. when do you need one?

Also, What do you guys use for break-in oil? What oil are you running after break in, in similar built clones ?
I'd add the lash cap. You need the retainer as well. I break in with conventional oil and switch to Mobil 1 or Royal Purple synthetic.

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Make sure you use an exhaust retainer with the lash cap on the intake.
The Stock intake retainer was not designed for and does not have the clearance to use a lash cap.

Break in oil:
Shell Rotella T is cheap and high detergent with turbo rating, its good for break in ( will reduce scuffing and hold dirt and cuttings in suspension ).
Any Quality 10/30 synthetic oil is good, and run 550 to 600 ml of oil less is risky more might foam on you

Watch those valves.
You have a combination of parts thats going to subject the valves to a lot of stress.
I don't know what to say about Grey hound valves from those years but Stainless valves are cheap and will not break and let you down.
If you can strip an old Champion for the rockers they are Much stronger than the OEM and hold their lash settings longer.
Got the engine finished over the weekend, break-in done on the bench and it is now on an old Cyclops frame. I took it for a spin Tuesday. Motor cranks easy, runs good and I am just using as a cruiser, so I am going to try not to break it or squeeze it to the max. Appreciate your input. I used a exhaust retainer and lash cap on the exhaust and intake valve. Had to make some mount adjustments for the gx-120 low profile tank, but it worked out good with an old style flat fuel cap.