1. DeadPixel

    Using a lash cap in intake?

    When I use a lash cap in intake valve do I need to use the exhaust retainer too?
  2. S

    tecumseh H 35 valve lash

    im working with an H35 and the clearance between the valve stem end and the lifter ( valve lash) seems way tight .....when leak down testing I am getting a slight leak around the intake valve i cant find a clearance in the book ....but I should be at least able to get a feeler gauge in ?
  3. xBrent92

    Will someone make a video?: Valve Lash (212 Hemi).

    There isn't an in depth video on how to set lash. Like: where is the compression stroke? When is the compression stroke? Every time the spring compresses is that the compression stroke? (i think it isn't, but show us where and when it is) and how to keep the lash in place while bolting it...
  4. cyclopsmoore

    196cc Lifan Greyhound 66015 build underway, question about lash caps

    I bought this thing 5 years ago at HF and it has been in the box since then. I got motivated this week to do something with the Lifan to play around with some extra HP on one of my Minibikes I now have a stage 3 kit from NR racing which includes a bored .65 honda carb, small fan...
  5. doodlebug6.5

    Lash cap missing

    I lost my lash cap on the exhaust valve while taking head apart, could I get a lash cap from auto zone or napa or somewhere? Do I even need it? Could I run the motor for a little bit before I get one thanks
  6. D

    still problems setting valve lash

    When I tighten my rocker arms down to .002 or even 0 cold lash the pushrods are super loose on the other end. Are my pushrods too short, or is there something else I need to do? I have a predator with a gx160 head, .016 head gasket, black mamba cam, 26 lb springs, lash caps, burris guide plate...
  7. D

    zero lash

    I've searched and read for an easy way to adjust my valves to zero lash cold, but haven't found an easy way. If I bring it to tdc on the compression stroke and tighten them down where a .002 feeler gauge won't fit between the lash cap and rocker arm, the pushrod still has a lot of play up and...
  8. J

    lost compression help 168f clone engine

    okay so i bought a new honda clone engine i broke it in changed the oil etc then i went and removed the governer and changed the valve springs aswell as a new header, while doing this i broke the gasket on the sidecover and unfortunately lost a dowel pin aswell. i havent done the valve lash...
  9. Full Throttle

    dyno 356 cam

    Putting a dyno 356 cam in predator hemi and just got through checking piston to valve clearance and came up with .070 on intake valve and .075 on exhaust valve. This is with stock valves and springs and lash caps with zero lash and no head gasket. Is this okay or too little or can i mill head...
  10. Full Throttle


    If you mill your head .030 to .080 would also want to shorten your pushrods the same amount to keep the valve train geometry in check. Or is this really a big deal cause you can adjust lash to correct the amount removed from head surface. just a thought i had . Anyone know or comment ?
  11. D

    Predator Valve lash plus other questions

    Watched the video which was helpful. Question: is there a lash cap on the intake valve. Also, on my old style Predator, I am installing a ARC +.020 rod and billet flywheel along with 18 pound springs and an offset key. Engine came with the thicker gasket. Can I install the thin steel...
  12. g3bill

    Been looking cant find valve lash ,gx110

    Error, delete Got answer on B&D threads where i should have posted 1st....
  13. RSN

    Valve lash

    My valves look different than the one in the YouTube videos. Do I set the lash with the top screw? It seems like it's ether tight or loose- no way to set the lash. But I am new to these things. Sitting here looking at this thing now. Replaced the springs but now I am confused about tightening it...
  14. A

    New Predator lash cap issue

    Brand new out of the box predator 212 supposedly the newest model non hemi. Most things resemble the older version but with some differences that I'm finding. Biggest issue being I bought a rev kit from nr-racing and things don't go together correctly, way too much lash. The kit came with one...
  15. B

    advanced timing valve lash

    When advancing the timing 4 degress do you set the valve lash at a defferent gap?
  16. mini drag bike

    valve lash

    Hey guys, i got a 4 hp clone and im not sure if the valve lash should be set at .002 for exhaust and .003 for intake.
  17. Stangrcr1

    valve lash

    Just checked the valve lash on the 5hp I am rebuilding and it comes a little tight on the intake at .003". Check chart says .005" to .007". Exhaust is perfect at .010". Is it better to grind a little off the lifter or the valve stem?
  18. hemigremmy

    Valve lash

    What is the best way to set valve lash on a Briggs 5hp? Like what is the best way to take material out to open the valve lash? File? Sand paper? I have seen the block of steel with the hole in it and the you lightly sand material away to achieve the proper clearance but I do not have one. Which...
  19. iatemeself

    lightweight retainers + keepers, lash caps?

    this may be a dumb question, but I'm wondering if you use lightweight retainers and keepers on stock valves do you need to use lash caps? can you use the stock ones? or do the retainers and keepers only work on ss valves? thanks this is my first engine build.
  20. SmallEngine H.P

    Honda 5.5HP valve lash specs?

    What is the stock valve lash (In Thousandths) for a gx160 motor? i need the correct specs for the intake and the exhaust. Any help would be great