1970 Rupp Roadster (2015 Build-off bike)


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I'm listing up my losing bike from this year's build-off. It's not perfect, but it's ready to ride. Everything has been updated or replaced with the exception of the chrome, which was polished up and looks pretty damn good. There might be a slight oil leak on the engine, but I'm still not certain if it's a leak or if I spilled a little when filling it up and it dripped from the frame.

Frame is powder coated, engine and gas tank are painted and clearcoated with 2k Urethane.

See the build-off thread here: http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/O...159-capguncowboys-1970-rupp-roadster-jff.html

I have over $1500 in this bike, so that's what I'm asking. I'll work with the buyer to ship it, but at their expense.

I just didn't fall in love with this bike like I thought I would. Being 6'5, it's hard to fit on some of these bikes!
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I think the bike came out awesome:thumbsup:. There was some tough competition in the build off this year. If I lived closer, I would snatch that baby up.:thumbsup:


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I listed this bike up on Ebay a few days. It currently has a bid, so it's pending sale as or right now.

I appreciate the comments though.

It's funny. I had no trepidation about selling it until it got a bid. It's okay though -- I'm getting at least what I wanted for it. Maybe I'll get a little more if the 37 watchers decide to fight over it :laugh:
I was the same way with a car last year. You get attached, especially when you did all the work yourself.


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For Shipping try using DON WEAVER 918-721-4326 oneokieboy@gmail.com
He comes highly refereed from OldMiniBikes we just got done just using him in a two bike deal and delivery and it went smooth.He travels all across the USA
He is also stationed in the Mid West