2 1969 Rupp Roadsters for the price of one!

like I said financial hardship forced the sale I assume he was scrambling to sell many things and just needed help. It is impressive that you own 7 high end minis. They are not easy to find. Weren't the TT500s in limited supply?
It took me many years to find these two and I was just at the right place and time. The seller said he received requests from many people that would drive 3=400 miles if the price was right.
Good luck hope you find more.
Yes, they were, to some extent. Rupp produced many of them compared to other brands. But they were top of the line so they were in demand. People rode them hard which means a lot of broken parts. No internet and dealers shut down so that meant a lot of corn cob fixes or parking them out behind the barn and letting them rot away. A select few have survived and since there are many parts on these bikes compared to others means that it has become rare to get them in complete condition. That increases their value. Us middle agers are getting to age now that we have a few dollars and reflect on our childhood and how much fun we had on these bikes when we were young.

The price was right. Those guys were just cheep! :rolleyes:
The seller was happy to work with me because I was able to get there in the morning and he only had to travel 5 mins. Again just luck. I am middle aged and mini bikes make me feel like a kid again which is priceless. I will post project log but bust working next several days.