1. C

    SnowCo Farm Scat

    I picked this up for $100, seem to be mostly original and runs great. someone painted the bed white but it is green underneath. I know they are rare but I want to know more about it or where to get parts.
  2. myjunk

    1970s Snowco fiberglass body

    I probably don't have this in the right section, but I thought the guy who would want this most likely looks at the trike section. If I need to place it in the for sale section I would be happy to do that. I have this nice body for a Snowco trike. I am asking $50, but it would need to be picked...
  3. Rustygold


    A little Snowco trike that I drug in as you see it a few years back. I'm finally getting ready to start on it for kids to use. I don't have a body for it or big bucks to spend on one so I'm just going to add a drive train and a seat setup. If I find a body for it later that I can afford I will...
  4. Snowco Trike

    Snowco Trike

    Cut frame to fit the youngsters, 6.5hp electric start Predator, triple reduction drive with torque converter, Gecko green. Wheelie bar needed after 1st test ride! Restricted to 16mph maximum.
  5. T

    Snowco Apex indust. gearbox

    I am looking for info on a seal kit for an apex RT-1000 gearbox I think it has just FWD and REV ,any info would help it has a rope seal on the input shaft
  6. T

    Snowco FS/PK-2 FARM

  7. D

    WTB Snowco Farm Scat decals

    Need 5 or a lead on who can do reproductions. Thanks
  8. D

    1972 Snowco Tri-Scat For Sale $300

    1972 SNOWCO TRI-SCAT Minibike Trike Off Road Three Wheel Mini Bike $300. I have not personally had this running. I believe the engine is a Briggs Stratton 5HP. It has a new chain. The price is due to collectibility not functionality. I had it listed on ebay at one time. But I am moving and...
  9. jeep4me

    Snowco Trike

    Picked up the Snowco trike I bought a few weeks ago. I had hopes of getting it running for Windber (and I still might), but I will be taking it to the swap meet in Ann Arbor this weekend. I put and 8hp Tecumseh and a comet torque converter on it. I haven't gotten the engine hooked yet and...
  10. Peekster

    My new old Snowco

    Here is a Snowco I had picked up over 15 years ago. Sand blasted and painted it a hot orange and hung it in the rafters for the last 15 yrs. Still need to finish it but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to 70s trikes,Gumpit and Steve Durham for the advice. Waiting for a seat...
  11. gumpit

    Snowco hauler on Craigslist

    very rare 1970 snowco farm scat trike 8 hp very solid stored foty two years.has electric start, these aare no longer made ,try looking on line youll only find a hand full from the same owner so restere and make the big bucks
  12. gumpit

    Snowco hauler on Craigslist

    very rare
  13. X

    My Snowco Farmscat with emblems

    trying to figure out if I can embed photos from picasa
  14. 70sVintageTrikes

    Snowco Power Kart Fs/Pk-1 sn 01750

    Yep Picked up another one! Pictures are not the greatest but i will take more. :thumbsup:
  15. 70sVintageTrikes

    Snowco Model 954

    I have had this for quite a few months... I had been looking for one for over 3 yrs! Its a Model 954 Snowco Tilt bed trailer:thumbsup: Hopefully soon I will tearing it down for a full resto to oem colors. "Pearl Gray and Foam Green"
  16. C

    SnowCo 3 wheeler for sale

    Hello All! I just joined to get some info on this little 3 wheeler I bought. She didn't run but does now! I will fix the brakes and throttle over the weekend. Then it's off to be sold. Just wanted to let everyone know she will be for sale soon. I will get a couple of pics and learn how to...
  17. gumpit


    FreeCycleShopper - SNOWCO trike 3 wheeler - Milwaukee
  18. S

    70's Snowco Nomad in good ol SC

    just got signed up with the forum, just enjoying looking at all the projects goin on and thought i would show mine off! I got a Snowco Nomad. Unsure of the year I think 78?? got the serial number pictured so if anyone can translate please do. it is driven with a 7hp tecumseh and a comet 20...
  19. S

    70's Snowco Nomad in good ol SC

    I am from South Carolina and just been looking around trying to meet people who know a little on small engines and maybe find a little info on where to get some parts. I acquired recently a Snowco Nomad. Never heard of it or the company and am trying to get a little history on these trikes. Its...
  20. 70sVintageTrikes

    SNOWCO Tricycle 3 -- wheeler - $40 (Macedon)

    SNOWCO Tricycle 3 -- wheeler You want a project? Here you go! I don't know a thing about it, but the drive gear (chain and pulley) is there and functioning. Tires are no good. Brand name on steering stem is SNOWCO. Don't know if its original or a cob-job someone made but it's definitely cool...