1. S

    need a good frame or roller

    Looking for a good frame or a roller prefer if it's setup for a wide rear tire but open to others what u got ??
  2. S

    need a good frame prefer a harrison

    Looking for a good frame would like to find a harrison wildcat but open to others can be modified
  3. SimpleTom

    Just'a good ol' boys Never meanin' no harm

    Mini bike
  4. gumpit

    When good members go bad...

    What is it that would make a good member go bad? Like when someone who sells something and the buyer isn't happy they either don't respond or get defensive or worse go on the offensive. It's a niche community and I am curious what these people are thinking. Someone takes another persons...
  5. SimpleTom

    Good Used???

    I think I'll start listing my old worn out BALD tires on ebay. 4 10 3 50 4 Tires for Go Cart Go Kart Minibike Set of 3 | eBay Here at Selling a World of parts and more LLC we have a lot of 3 good used 4.10/3.50-4 go cart style tires :out:
  6. W

    Good and Bad

    The good is I finished putting my race car back together today. That was one of the bigger jobs I needed to get done before I start back on my bike. The bad is I can no longer get into my race car. During the time that it sat apart I have lost enough movement in my knees and hips that I...

    Way off topic but might be good to know

    I was sitting here watching law and order svu and I got to actually thinking about how messed up the show portrays some people to be. Anyway the show mentions how easy it is to use the internet to find out stuff on our neighbors, friends, coworkers and the like. Soo I do a simple search and...
  8. jeep4me

    Too good to pass up

    :doah: As much as I'm trying to thin my herd. These two were too much of a good deal to pass up. At $35 each I had to treat myself to a birthday present.....not that I'll keep them, but it was still fun getting them.. They look and smell like brand new. The rubber chain guides aren't...
  9. buckeye

    There's just darn good members on this site.

    Just sayin....:thumbsup:
  10. M

    Are clones just as good as the Hondas?

    Aside from the price? I feel like the clones just wouldnt be made as good. Or are they strictly throwaway/experimental engines? I also feel like various tolerance specs wouldnt be perfect in some of these clones and the castings are more likely to be bad. I know the hondas are like...

    For Sale Good Year Tom Thumb Tires NOS

    For Sale we has 2 NOS Correct Tom Thumb Good Year Tires 2.80 2.50 4 .These are 4ply and in Mint,never mounted condition If you want to do a Tom Thumb build as correctly as possible,this is the Correct TIRE! $90.00 plus $10.00 shipping Paypal.
  12. M

    Is the Motovox MBX11 good bike?

    My friends got minis and I want one too. The stores were all sold out but Motovox said they have MBX11 now on the site with free shipping if I use summer14 code. I want to make it faster with a predator if it's a good bike! Are they good for riding around? I weight about 200 pounds.
  13. 1stlegendtx

    Good deal for some one..........

    mini bike.
  14. Bikerscum

    Cheap Chinese VFD's, are they good enough?

    I was just given a surface grinder from my work, & need to power it. I have 220 single phase, I need 220 3 phase @4 amps. I'm looking at this... Chines VFD I don't need to control speed, reverse, ramp up/down, etc. etc... I just need 3 phase to a 1 hp motor. Any experience here :shrug...
  15. J

    4 engines for a good price!!!! Look what I just picked up today! 10 minitues from my house! Not a bad deal eh? Sent from my VS930 4G using Tapatalk
  16. WrenchDad

    Making good on the RED NOSE CHALLENGE

    Rules of the build off : Bike must be complete and running with video or pictures of it running or being ridden by 12:00 midnight on May 31. Rules of the red Nose challenge: Must complete the build off as defined or post pictures of you being pushed, pulled or rolled around on the incomplete...
  17. minibikin'

    WTB/trade for a good used TAV30 driver

    If you have one to spare, let me know and how much please? I have trades as well. Thanks!
  18. florida4x4s

    good clutch on clone motor w/jackshaft

    Building up a clone motor to use on my Bonanza with jack shaft. Just needing some advise on which clutch to buy for motor. Thanks in advance. :scooter:
  19. dcoy

    Anyone know a good motorcycle/engine restorer in the Northeast?

    Hey All. I know it's not a mini bike, but the Rupp I bought to restore has a bad next project is restoring a 1974 Indian ME 100 dirtbike. I haven't rebuilt an engine and I don't want to learn on this one! So, I'm wondering if anyone knows a good motorcycle/engine restorer in...
  20. cheezy1

    Kawasaki Coyote parts....the good ones

    Ok..parting out a survivor bike. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS..PM ME. Basically it is every part to a 1970 Kawasaki Coyote except the fenders. They are gone so please don't ask. Anyways...the frame will not be listed..but that and the original jackshaft,gears,bearings will be available...