A little more old school than my last post

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Cool bike, love the look of it. Reminds me of lots of the chops featured in the Horse BackStreet Choppers. Great work. :thumbsup: what make of engine are the 2-strokes?

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Yes sir, it is indeed. i thought the heat would be a problem, but the pipes dont soften at all and seem to hold their position. They just turned a little red/purple on the header :D
That's interesting....I did the same thing on a Tecumseh years agom .It ran for about 3 minutes until it got hot and then all the segments of pipe dropped off one at a time like something you'd see in a cartoon...:laugh:

Maybe you used solder with a higher tin ratio like 90/10 with a higher melting point.

Looks good!