1. electra_boogaloo

    post me to your warrior with a sportster tank thread???

    i got a tank off an 80-something sportster today. i've test fitted it and realized that it's very cramped. i'm trying to find a happy medium between the tree hitting the tank and being able to put the seat on. i was thinking about getting a spring seat kit, but now i may be forced into it. can...
  2. A

    1st Post 1st build

    Hey everyone just wanted to post what I got going on tonight! Late-night post on a project I have been working on, so far so good I had a problem with it kickin the chain before!:no:I think have fixed it!! Posted two pics so far let me know what y'all think. I think I got the chain alignment...
  3. ridgebuggy

    First post nother new guy

    Thought i would post something here.bought 2 coleman's last year for me and my wife just got done putting tav2's on both of them a little while ago.
  4. RobertC

    New Post Quotes ?

    Hey Everyone, I'm just trying to figure something out. I've been getting a message occasionally at the bottom right corner of my browser...and it says "New Post Quotes"...then below it, it says "1 New Post Quotes". Underneath that is the web address...but you can't click...
  5. OND

    Can't Post Any of My Pics

    For some reason when I go to my pics or anybody's pics for that matter there's no URL's or No MEDIUM or anything else. Any body else having this trouble or is it just me ?:shrug:
  6. red baron

    '69 Rupp scrambler interest? This is courtesy post, not sure where to put it.

    mini bike offer is retracted
  7. OND

    I Can't Post Videos

    Anybody else having this problem ? When I copy and paste from youtube It shows up in my post...but when I post it to the thread, Its not there . :shrug:
  8. J

    First post. Still figuring things out on here.

    Rebuilt a tote gote 760 a while back. Turned out alright.
  9. D

    Post denied

    I am trying to post in the classified/wanted section for Thunderbird parts and keep receiving " post denied". My permissions say that "I may post". Need help. Thanks in advance.
  10. teched

    How to remove picts, so I can post more

    Hi guys, I have seemed to reached my 50mb limit, but would like to add some more picts to my Mud Bug Project Post. I tried to delete, but it only showed one check box to remove, but I have 20+ picts that could be weeded out. Thanks
  11. deejaaa

    Post Up Vids of Your Rides.....

    don't post much here anymore but i took a vid of a short ride today down the neighborhood. post up yours if ya get a chance. 13 hp honda, TAV, a few orhers but can't remember. Hey deejaaa, It looks like it's been a while...
  12. FOMOGO

    Post up a tool that you have that you didnt know you needed until you got one...

    I have a few but this is my favorite. My first tool on this list is my SWAG Off Road Band Saw. SWAG V3.0 Portaband Table I cut a block of wood to lock the trigger on and wired it through a momentary contact foot pedal for no hands control. Step on it to cut and walk away when your...
  13. Txpowdercoater

    Funny Car bodies....who has some? post em up

    I have a Kenny Bernstein Budweiser King and I just got a Pepsi Prudhomme body This is a photo found on google this is the only photo I have of the pepsi one I bought. Ive known the seller a long time and never knew he had this in storage
  14. nds1968

    Christmas Treats (post them up)

    Wife and I made these for our sons preschool party.
  15. M

    Correction to my earlier post regarding Trike 3Z Wheeler

    I had the name wrong .. It is a 3-Z Rider, not 3Z Wheeler, as I previously posted. Wished I could post a few pics, to see what anyone might know about it .. :-)
  16. Q

    New Guy Post

    Hey there i'm Justin, I recently acquired my first Minibike and I am very mechanically inclined. However I would like to learn a lot about it before I start cutting it apart and customizing it. The bike a purchased is a Lil' Indian, i'm told it is from the early '60s. its so new i havent got...
  17. ReapersRide

    Update on my post of idle issue or save my Briggs

    Ok so I followed everyone inputs on this 5 HP Briggs. My brother took it to his shop. He machined the bore and inserted a fresh cast iron sleeve. He put a nice cross hatch pattern on the sleeve. He decked the mating surfaces on the block and the head. I purchased a new head gasket. He polished...
  18. B

    First post... Cat 400x I ramble... But here's the whip
  19. J

    First post ever.

    Hey I just registered this is my first post on any forum ever. Heres A little about myself. Been riding about 5 years, my state is Florida, I ride dirt and street when I'm not riding or building the ride I'm working as a chef. Anyhow about my mini bike history. I've had two so far. A Murray...