Alexander-Reynolds HELP

Picked this bad boy up in a trade and having some problem. Guy put a GPS 98cc on it which runs fine but I am having trouble with the rain popping off. looks inline but just keeps flying off once it gets speed. Possibly slightly off but I have bikes that are worse and I have no problem with chain. Any ideas?

Also curious what brakes would fit on here or what came stock? No indication it was a scrub brake. Possible it was suppose to have a sprocket but can't seem to find anything. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks! IMG_5833.jpg



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Looks like it should have a brake caliper on the sprocket. As far as the chain popping off make sure the sprocket runs straight, got good bearings and the axel holes in the frame are not wallered out. Screenshot_20240322_112434_Chrome.jpg
Hent, top of this page. Look at brake calipers. There might be one from a mower or a lawn tractor that will work.
Heck, he might even have exactly what you need. It might take a few minutes to figure out how that site works, but he has lots of stuff.

Hent also owns this site and we try to buy from his extensive inventory when we can.
That is really a cool little bike and I wish you luck in getting it going.
Have fun and be safe. Dave
I also have an ARCO that I just restored. I tried to find a caliper that fit, but I can tell you the one from old mini bike warehouse would involve cutting the mount to get it to fit. If you can get replacement pucks, that's a better option if that caliper still works. I didn't have a return spring on mine when I got it so I added it and now the brake will open back up. Good luck. That's a sweet ride!!!


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Those lil arcos are great lil' bikes nice score.

Maybe try a clutch band brake.
Not sure if they fit that particular engine though.