Not really sure what I've got here other than an old Alsport/Trisport. It has a small horizontal shaft engine. I'm assuming around a 5 hp. No brake handle or cable. No Throttle or cable. My son just took the motor to school for a small engines class. Any help with dimensions for cables would be appreciated. Needs a little welding on the frame. I found it sitting in a field behind one of my son's friends house. Thanks

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BGW manufacturer and TriRod
Driver clutch looks to be in good shape still. How does the driven unit mounted on the jackshaft look ? These trikes are pretty straightforward and very simple to work on. Parts are just standard mini bike-go kart-industrial/farm !
Looks like it should clean up really nice :thumbsup:


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Definitely a BGW Tri-Rod. I'm in the middle of redoin one right now. I've got the body 90% done but still need a few engine parts. I'm not sure if jackshaft mount is exactly correct, it didn't have it and I found one from a trike I believed to be similar,
It'll work I just need to mount it. I'm putting a Duromax 16 hp electric start on it! Best of luck looks nice. If you have questions I might be able to help so just ask

Here's a pics of mine when I get it.. Haven't uploaded pics of restoration yet. Soon I'm goin to start a post about the rebuild
It's a project, like I don't have enough already. Needs a few welds repaired and forks are bent but not too bad. It's going to get sandblasted and repainted from bottom up. Need to get a throttle and brake lever off Ebay. Cables are pretty long so if anyone has a measurement for them it would be appreciated. This is my 1st old trike project. I'm usually doing old Rupp sleds. 20141220_153100_resized.jpg