Arctic Cat Kill Switch

Anyone have a picture of a kill switch for a '71 Arctic Cat Prowler (small wheels) or better yet, a source?

I talked to Bob at RT21 in NY and he thought it was a triangular unit but hasn't had any in stock for years. The '72 Prowler had a red button integrated into the chrome twist grip housing, but I think the '71 was different. Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
My fairly original Climber (71?) has a black plastic kill. I will take a pic. once I find the bars in the garage. They come up on Ebay (new!) sometimes. I forget who had them; but I will look into it. There is a good link to A.C. history that told of the different buttons used. As you may have guessed; a couple of different types were used. I'll look into it and get a pic. of my switch; Lester.