1. U

    For Sale: Rupp Black Widow clone $1750

    Located in 95838 I’m selling my 1971 Rupp Black Widow replica. It’s equipped with a Tecumseh HS50 that breathes through a Dellorto carb with an adjustable main jet, just like the original Widows, and exhausts through a 1” chromed straight pipe. The Tec has an early HS40 shroud for that...
  2. Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971
  3. Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971
  4. Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971
  5. rupp roadster

    rupp roadster

    1971 Rupp roadster2
  6. Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971

    1971 Rupp Roadster
  7. Rupp roadster 1971

    Rupp roadster 1971

    1971 Rupp Roadster
  8. C

    1971 moto skeeter 450

    Greeting. I have just joined the forum. I am going to pick up a 71 moto skeeter 450 tomorrow. This will be the first mini i have owned in about 45 years. Looking forward to discussing and being schooled on this old iron. Thanks cb750f
  9. Ding Ding

    WTB: 1971 SPEEDWAY - forks/triple tree with light mount

    Looking for the upper forks/triple tree with headlight/number plate mounting ears, for 1971 Speedway with 10" wheels. Please let me know. Mike
  10. K

    1971 Rupp Hustler

    I'm looking for a 71 Rupp Hustler in any condition. Would consider just the frame also.
  11. james ackerman

    WTB - Mini Bike Guide issue from February 1971.

    I would like to find this issue or atleast be able to get a copy of an article that was done on a central cycle supply charger.
  12. S

    1971 artic cat prowler?

    ATTACH] Picked this up on Craigslist in my home town the other day. I had never seen one and liked it as soon as I saw the pictures. I had a rupp when I was a kid but haven't really owned a mini bike since. A couple years ago I bought a Honda ruckus because I thought it would remind me of the...
  13. slywilliez

    FS 1971 Taco ST100 roller

    Up for sale is a 1971 Taco St100 roller. The bike is in decent shape and will need handle bars and some holes welded up in the motor plate. I think i have the foot pegs but i cant be 100% sure. The rear shocks on this bike is really hard to find and they are in good shape too. Price 300 bucks...
  14. slywilliez

    FS 1971 rupp scrambler Frame!

    I have what is left over from a 1971 Rupp Scrambler parts bike. There is alot of good parts on the bike or can start a cheap build with it. Price 150 firm. Can bring to Windber for free.
  15. M

    1971 ruttman spyder

    restored ruttman. every thing new. call mark for more info 740 738-0891 price is $950. please no e-mail.
  16. F

    1971 Kawasaki MT1A Shift Pattern?

    Hi all, new to the forum. I picked up a beat up 71 Kawasaki MT1 A which I suspect may have a later model case cover on it. The cover says 1 down, 2 up, but my bike seems to be more like a Z50. Neutral all the way up and 3 down. Is this correct? There is a false neutral between 2 and 3 so when I...
  17. O

    Wanted : copy of tweaking the tek parts 1 & 2 from minibike guide magazine circa 1971

    Looking for copies of tweaking the tek published in Mini bike guide magazine circa 1971. Scan and email OK. Will trade for beer money.
  18. smudvapor

    smudvapor's - 1971 Coleman Sport Bike - (Vintage Class)

    Well guys, it’s like this. Last year I attempted to build a Coleman Sport Bike and I didn’t quite finish in time. The more I looked at that bike the more I wished I had another one for my wife. Well as luck would have it I bought another one a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t going to enter...
  19. P

    1971 Prototype Silver Shadow

    I found the original prototype 1971 Silver Shadow bike. This bike is the SST Sachs (Silver Shadow Trail) bike that was used in the 1971 Popular Cycle Magazine test bike. It was also used in all of the 1971 Speedway advertising. The difference between this bike and the production 1971 Silver...
  20. RuppChopperPaul

    FS: 1971 Speedway Scorpion or Scarab Frame Only

    $60 + shipping 1971 Speedway Scorpion or Scarab Frame only...that is all I have for this minibike. It's been sandblasted (there was some light rust on the seat pan area) and painted gloss black (some handling marks/scrapes from being moved around the garage) I will get a shipping quote...