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I picked this Asuza frame up at a yardsale last week. It looked like it might make a fun project for my son and I to tinker with and at $40 I couldn't pass it up. So far We've modified the handlebars a little and ordered a 6.5hp engine from Harbor Freight. I also ordered a heavy duty clutch, chain, and a few other little items from OldMiniBikes warehouse. I'm planing on Fabricating some fenders for it, and slapping on a coat of paint over the next few days.
I'll post more pics as the project progresses.
My Predator 212 finally arrived today, as did my clutch and chain kit from OldMiniBikes Warehouse. I am a little disappointed because the chain is to short. I figured that 4 ft would be plenty long but it is 2 inches shy of making it all the way around. I ordered a longer chain as well as a spacer kit for the clutch.
The engine bolted right up to the mounting plate on my Azusa but I'm going to have to relocate the fuel tank. It fits in the frame but there's not enough room to get the gas cap on and off. I plan on welding on some fender mounts and relocating the tank this weekend.
Hopefully by next weekend she'll be ready for a test ride.
I'll post some pics soon.
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It was an absolutely beautiful day here in NW Florida and my son and I spent the better part of the afternoon out in the driveway working on the mini. We got the gas tank relocated, hooked up the throttle, installed the clutch and chain, and even got started on the fender support brackets before it got dark. With any luck we should be able to take her out for a test run in the morning. Once we get her running right we plan on tearing it back down and painting.
Just a little advise, I had one of those as well. That bike has some serious torque off the line with that rear sprocket. . Not an issue for me too much weight but my eight year old flipped it right out from under himself, twice. Nice little bike especially for $40. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your work.
I fired the Mini up this morning for the first time. She started on the 2nd pull and runs like a scalded dog. HOLY COW you guys were right, this thing is fast and has loads of torque. I'm gonna have to buy a smaller engine or just build another bike for the boy. He can have this one for when he's a bit older.
Ive got the same motor and gearing on one of mine too, its a handful out of the hole! Mine is also tight on the gas cap to frame room but it makes it in and out...barely.

Sounds like this one will be yours, now he needs one :laugh:

Great find for the price and I like the mods you've a color in mind yet?
The predator 212 is a lot of engine for a kid, but with proper gearing and a clutch mod or two you can tame it for a responsible kid, or yourself.

1) a smaller rear sprocket (60t) will take some of the power out of the take off.
2) a larger clutch sprocket (14t) will do the same thing

your thinking this is a recipe for speed and it is, but you still have the governor on it and there is a "high-end" adjustment screw on the linkage, so you can limit the maximum rpm's to be even less than the governor's 3600. Just screw it in and the linkage stops the acceleration where you say.

3) finally, if you're still not satisfied you can change the clutch spring. I think standard clutch engagement is around 2200rpms. A beefier spring will push engagement up to 2500, and the beefiest 3100. This means full engagement. Less rpms than that and you have slip, all the way down to complete disengagement. The spring is why the bike gets away from you, when you want to start moving. If there were MORE slip, you'd ease your way into riding off. The only drawback being wear and tear on the clutch pads, you'd have to replace the clutch (or pads) sooner.

Take a look at what I was able to do with my Predator 212. The take off is very smooth (anyone could ride it), Before the mods it ran right out from under me. Here I have a 14t clutch, 60t rear sprocket and a black clutch spring (3100) I was going for a smooth start and a lot of speed. I have removed the governor and modified the engine appropriately, also I turned the high-end adjustment screw OUT. To limit the rpms (and top speed), turn the adjustment screw IN.

BTW, Nice Bike!!! :thumbsup:

Motovox Speed Test - YouTube
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I just finished fabricating and mounting the foot pegs. I took some 3/4 bar stock, welded the nuts from some old folding footpegs I had laying around and voila. The bike feels allot more stable now that I have some good solid pegs. Before I built these I had to mount the pegs behind the engine mounting plate because the engine was to wide for the clamp on pegs to work up front. I decided to use the ubolts instead of welding so that I can move them around if I need to, also my welds can get a little ugly sometimes. I also installed a 60 tooth sprocket which has tamed this beast down considerably. Can't wait to get her out on some pavement. So far I've just been riding it around the yard.