bars/forks/wheel and old motor with comet clutch / Pic Heavy

kk,heres the wheel shot.
also,i peeled off a STP sticker and under that was written sheeftah in magic marker?/ or cheeftah? on top of another<< stp sticker...
theres a Square sticker just above that that is painted as well :(
at first i thought they were bonanaza forks because of the lower sliding spring forks,but the bars/mount up system looks different and i really dont know anything about minis sooo.
i only asked about the motor because it looks? like it came off a minibike,what with the clutch n all.
clutch is marked comet,and seems to be in working order.

The forks look like a mix. The upper portion looks like Cheeftah with the bars cut off. The lowers look like Bonanza. The wheel is a Manco. Not sure what the handle bars are from. :shrug:


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there is a snowflake/manco wheel visible in the cheeftah/lomart brochure photo's so they like a bunch of others were using that wheel before they came up with their signature 6 spoke wheel. Which would make sense as their OEM rear brake sprocket assy's had holes for both the the 6 spoke and the manco wheels and were a direct fit on both.

heres the brochure, cant really tell what the internal spring forks look like but the forkplate does mesh with what lomart did at least.

whatever they are they look pretty cobbled and modified.
they are on final paint strip,so tomm ill have some better pics.
the paint color under all that mess was White,with blue?
and,i went over the welds on them,and every one of them looks identical??
like they were done by somebody in a hurry?
i dunno,tomm pics will say better than i can.
thanks so far :smile:
sorta hoping the bars dont turn out to be anything special,theyd look good on a diff build.
oyeah,did anyone look at the 3 hp and is it a minibike motor or nothing special?