Best metal flake paint?

Been meaning to ask this for a while.
What brand of rattle can have you guys had luck with getting the old school metal flake look out of, or is it even remotely possible beyond a regular metallic?
Powder coating can't go that direction as far as I have seen, and I know originally it was floated in deep gelcoated fibreglass (I think)
Thanks, M/O
Flake can be used in powder coat, as long as the flake holds up to the baking temperatures. I've seen flake that advertises it does, and currently there are some very tricked out PC jobs out there.

The flake you see (saw) on fiberglass stuff- dune buggies, bass boats, etc. was done in Gel Coat, which is a polyurethane "paint" sprayed in the mold over the release wax. It was not floated, but buried with successive coats of paint, then the actual glass was laid over it.

The earlier flake used in hotrodding was shot out of a big paint gun on to wet paint, then clear coated. Also buried.

There are several sizes of flake available, and it's mixed with clear acrylic or urethane and shot. I've been experiementing with pearls lately.

But you asked about rattle can and "old school" so the answer is "nothing." That flake was too big. A current option for rattle can flake is Lil Daddy Roth's Spray Bomb. I've used it. It's okay. Flakes are about .004, and I still shoot clear urethane over them. You can also buy clear two stage urethane in rattle cans to cover it with. All of this stuff is about $22 a can.

There is a bit more to it with regards to technique, but that's the down and dirty.
You can find a color you like and get the DuplaColor rattle cans. It's Bc/Cc products too. A cheaper alternative to a gallon of paint. I have used it for Silver and Gray to spray wheels and handlebars.
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I think it's Duplicolor "Metalcast" that you are looking for. My local O'Reilly Auto Parts has me a can of it in "Anodized Yellow" coming that is a close match to my 1972 Candy Yellow Honda CL100.

The can should be here tomorrow -$8.99 and free shipping.

I guess my definition of old school metal flake is different.

My first metal flake job about 27 years ago using HOK products. Silver and grey metallic base (ghost flames) with a heavy green flake interim followed by a candy green then clear. The orange brakes were a failed experiment.

Rattle bomb flake link:

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