Can someone recommend me replacement forks (Powerdyne)

I found some horrible welds on these forks, they cracked very easily.

Can someone recommend me a replacement fork? It doesn't have to be Powerdyne nor do they have to have shocks/springs, I just want forks that will work on my Galaxie/Falcon with some strength, integrity.

OldMiniBikes? eBay?

Can you post some more pics of this bike? I have the very same one but have yet to be able to find anything for comparison. Yours looks to be mostly original.
Will do Rocco, I will call or P.M. you to see when you are available.

AJaxMini I believe the engine, fuel tank and engine mount are not original, In fact I am pretty sure the engine mount is off a Powerdyne 1500.

Excluding the motor (Which runs very well ;)) I have the bike completely taken apart, stripped of paint and packed in a box...:hammer: