CAT Slingshot and Eliminator Re-pop sissy bars


Banned - Must pay $500

Slingshot 70.00 + Shipping ( Stainless Steel polished )

Eliminator 75.00 + Shipping ( Stainless Steel polished )

Please don't ask what shipping is to where. They are not boxed for me to check at this time.

Thank you, Cory


Banned - Must pay $500
This Eliminator Bar is now SOLD

Slingshot Sissy is still for sale 70.00 + Shipping

This is John G's Third order !
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I'd really like to get one of those Hustler/Duster sissy bars. :drool: Any chance that more of those are going to be made?


Banned - Must pay $500
Sissy Bars are usually made to order, So I normally don't make extras.

I've had this Slingshot bar now for months, thus why make then as they are ordered.

Slingshot 70.00
Eliminator/Dominator 75.00
Duster 80.00
Hustler 85.00

Prices listed are last years prices, the price of Stainless this year has gone up but, I'm sticking with those prices.

Payment is in advance for the bars and shipping to be paid once the bar is done,
in a box and quoted by the post office.

I don't make guess's on shipping. I only charge what it costs.

Please PM me with any request..

Thanks, Cory

(( P.s. I no longer pre-drill holes in the sissy bars, Even after given specific measurements.
I have had complaints the holes did not line up. Even after I made sure they were drilled correctly.
So, no holes will be drilled. ))
It's pretty unfortunate that these aren't available. I'm sure this user was banned for a good reason but because of it we are missing out on these re-popped sissy bars. They all look amazing and just like the originals!