Clutch, rear sprocket alignment

Do I need to move the engine to the right? I worked hard to center the rear wheel, which included placing a spacer in between the drum and back plate. So, I would rather not move the wheel out to the left. If I move the engine, should I order an engine plate before the re-location? or just cut into the existing engine plate?

The bike is a Manco Streaker (so things are tight on these little buggers), with HF Predator 79 cc, 6" tri-star wheels, drum brake built into the sprocket (or vice/versa).

If the consensus indicates that I need to move the engine, please advise me on the best known methods.

Take care!

Pictured above: The wooden yard stick was placed on top of the rear sprocket. . . off to the upper left you can see the clutch sprocket.
You have a couple of choices, shift the engine to the right, move the wheel to the left, or install a jackshaft kit and leave them where they are......................Tom.