1. gwoods27

    WTB - Trail Horse Rear Wheel sprocket and band brake drum mounts

    Looking for a Trail Horse 6” Rear Wheel (5 spoke) with both the sprocket and drum for band bake or even just the sprocket and band brake drum mounts
  2. 20200509_174629.jpg


    Rear axle assembly
  3. Rear axle/support assembly

    Rear axle/support assembly

    This is the design of the rear axle/support assembly. This will bolt to the 6" rim and has supports for both a sprocket and a rear disc brake.
  4. Fox rear end

    Fox rear end

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  5. Fox rear wheel

    Fox rear wheel

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  6. Fox rear wheel

    Fox rear wheel

    Bike - Before pics
  7. O

    WTB: DB30 rear wheel

    Hi all, I picked up a rough stretched DB30 basket case as my first mini bike project. It is only a frame. Looking for a disk brake rear wheel assembly before I just go ahead and convert it to 1" live axle. Thanks!
  8. A

    Wanted King-o-lawn /Aggie rear wheel

    Anyone have a rear king-o-lawn / Aggie wheel for sale
  9. T

    old fat rear tire minibike

    hello all, i remember sometime in the 70's a kid had a green minibike with a wide rear tire was there a company that made them ?? just curious thanks bobby
  10. jeep4me

    8" Bonanza wheel rear sprocket

    I'm in search of a decent used, original rear sprocket/brake setup for an 8" Bonanza MX wheel. I need the whole setup, sprocket, drum brake, Bendix arm, spacer, etc. I know I can buy new from OldMiniBikes, but I'm looking for original. Thanks for any help.
  11. T

    Coleman CT100U Rear Sprocket Ground Clearance Issues!

    Hi Gang. First post here. I hope you guys can help me out with this. I got a really great deal on two Coleman CT100U's which I bought for my kiddos through The bikes arrived banged up and missing some parts, but that's a story for another time. I was able to get one running by...
  12. Cap'n kanuckles

    (5) db30 rear rims

    I have five rear rims for a db30 mini bike just a rim does have the mounts for the sprocket and the Brake disc,but disc and sprocket not included. Tags on most of them look like New Old Stock $35 shipped each can text or email pics
  13. A

    Aggie rear wheel

    Looking for a Aggie rear wheel
  14. Sunset5523

    Wanted mini bike rear complete split rim 5"

    Like this but with tire and tube doesn't need to have sprocket. Thanks.:scooter:
  15. capguncowboy

    69 Rupp kickstand and rear fender (nonjackshaft).

    I need them for my son's 69 Sprint. He has a fender right now but it's pretty rusty. Would like one with decent chrome to match the front. Chain cut out should be on the left side We also need a kickstand. I'm not too particular oon the condition since we can refurb it
  16. danford1

    Rear shocks, what kind are they?

    I have a couple rear shocks that came on a Wards 525 I bought. They seem to be oil filled and work Great ! They don't have any name or numbers on them. They have a chrome body. Rough measurement is 12" eye to eye. Here are pics of them. I can take much better pics in a day or two if needed...
  17. jeep4me

    Trailblazer Original Rear Rack

    Selling an original rear rack from a Trailblazer mini bike. Painted black, doesn't look like it's rusted/pitted at all. Looks like a couple small pieces of tubing were added at some point, but these can be easily removed. Asking $90 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  18. P

    Rear shock questions

    The rear shock/springs I used in my build off bike seem to be extremely stiff....ass rattling stiff. I have no idea what make or rating they have, but the spring wire is .300" in diameter, and I can't compress them more than about 1/2" even when I jump on it. I've been looking at replacements...
  19. danford1

    What Gilson model, no rear gas tank.

    I got a Gilson yesterday. It is very similar to my Wards 525 (which is why I got it). The 525 has a hole for the rear gas tank filler neck. This "new" Gilson doesn't. Is there anyway to tell what model it is by the pictures? I can take more pics if needed. There aren't any frame tags as it has...
  20. Valocalrep

    Motovox Rear axle

    Hey everyone does anyone happen to know where i can get a Mbx10 rear axle from, Their website is out of stock and has been for a while i have a friend who wants to build is bike and thats one of the main parts he is waiting for. Thanks everyone