CNC Shop torque converter on amazon. Yay or nay?

For my Ct200u. Says it's a comet replacement 218353a. I assume it's just like the rest of the comet clones. It's a 10 tooth 40/41 (420 chain right)? What is the comet belt part# I need?
I figure I'll need a chain breaker and master link as well.
What you think of this unit?
You can see who it's sold and fulfilled by... vs &

It's not going to bolt without modification onto your CT200U - if you didn't already know.
The hardware that comes with it will bolt onto your Coleman engine, but if you plan on putting a Predator on there, you'll need Standard hardware to mount it to the engine.

Most chains come with master links - in certain cases you can do away with the master link if you have a chain breaker. <- not cheap but a great tool to have and lasts. works on 40/41/420/428.
I was not aware they came in 2 size shafts. The YouTube videos I've watched on the ct200 all had 5/8 shafts and everyone complains they don't make a tav in that size

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Red Beard's Garage (You tube channel) has commented that gopowersports is coming up with a TAV kit for the 16mm shaft Coleman. Didn't say when it would be available. I would bet they are just going to add a 16mm to 3/4 crank adaptor into the TAV kit.
I guess I'll have to bust out my caliper and mic my crank. Could have sworn I saw posts on tav conversions for that bike.
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Another easy way would be the date on the vin tag. Both of my Coleman's have dates of early October 2016. Both bikes came with 16mm shafts. If your bike has that date or later it should have a 16mm shaft.

I knew right away that something was up because of how puny the shaft appeared when I first removed the clutch. Just doesn't look right on this engine.
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Finally got it measured tonight. .627 so that's 5/8" in my book. Looks like I'll be getting that dang bushing after all. I forgot to figure the length of key I need. Anyone?
I'd go figure it out myself, but I'm in bed already and I'm in the mood to impulse order cool stuff.
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