1. E

    Baja 97cc cylinder head fastener torque specs?

    Anyone happen to know what the torque specs are for the cylinder head bolts on a Baja 97cc motor? I can't find anything google and I'd like to make sure I get it back close to OE spec at least.
  2. Colemanman

    In Search of Predator 420cc Torque Camshaft

    Hello everyone Im looking for a torquey camshaft for a predator 420cc engine. I have a bone stock one laying around as i speak without a unit to put it on. I plan on getting the stage one kit and doing a governor delete as well as rejetting the main and pilot jet.i wanna keep the stock...
  3. Heepster97

    2014 Coleman CT200U Predator 212 build

    First thing I did when I got the Predator 212 engine was read the Warranty card, gave a maniacal laugh and threw it in the trash. Next I pulled the exhaust and intake and now they are hanging out with the Warranty card, he was getting lonely. Then I pulled the case cover and ripped out the...
  4. B

    Tav 2 torque converter knockoff

    Can I run without a bronze bushing mine got chewed up
  5. Fat Tony157

    Tav2 30 series torque converter (aftermarket)

    This is an aftermarket Tav2 30 series torque converter. Not a genuine comet. I bought this for my build-off mini bike this past winter but I decided a standard centrifugal clutch was better suited for the build and no longer need this. It works great and has nothing wrong with it. It has maybe...
  6. R

    Small problems with Baja Bug

    So I got this Bug with a torque converter and junk, and its a world of difference compared to a centrifugal clutch. But one of the problems I have with it is that the rear tire is very hard to push when it has the little brass bushing. I added some dielectric grease where the bushing makes...
  7. D

    CNC Shop torque converter on amazon. Yay or nay?

    For my Ct200u. Says it's a comet replacement 218353a. I assume it's just like the rest of the comet clones. It's a 10 tooth 40/41 (420 chain right)? What is the comet belt part# I need? I figure I'll need a chain breaker and master link as well. What you think of this unit? Thanks Oz
  8. D

    Reliable torque converter for Baja MB200 GC

    I would call my project a Frankenstien or Zombie Baja MB200 GC. After 2 quarts of mineral spirits and a week of cleaning off an adolescent paint job I have a very pristine and like new Baja MB200 rolling chassis. The tires of which still have full whiskers on them. The original engine has...
  9. minimotor

    New Comet TAV 2-30 Torque Converter

    condition: new New in box Comet Tav2-30 torque converter. Never used. 3/4 shaft, with 35 and 41 chain sprockets. $90.00, plus the ride.
  10. J

    Combining a torque converter and a jack shaft.

    Looks like most TC's come with short output shaft and its own bearings. How hard is it to replace their shaft with a long one with pillow block bearing so I have a shaft to mount brakes and easier options on sprocket alignments? I know I will loose the ability to do more gearing options like...
  11. nico_v

    Series 30 torque converter on a 11 HP engine?

    Hi all, First post here so let me introduce myself real quick, I'm Nico from Sweden. Recently got inspired to build a mini bike after seeing a bunch of videos on Youtube that looked like it would be way too much fun. So I went and got me a little 70s kids dirtbike for parts (wheels, fork)...
  12. D

    MA. Project Clark Cyclops. Honda GC160 engine. Torque converter.

    Newer build. Replaced jackshaft. Brake on left side. sprocket on right. new tubes with newer tires. new tank. Still needs rear brake cable. $500 or best offer.
  13. MB165

    HD spring for a max torque clutch

    for sale max-torque clutch spring, used for less than 20 minutes. one step above stock, 2200rpm. shipped usps from balt. Md. $10 cash, check, m.o. paypal accepted, buyer pays fees pick it up at windber $7
  14. G

    Max Torque Clutch Springs

    Can some one please explain the theory behind the different RPM ranges for the Max Torque Clutch springs? Mainly how the different RPM Ranges work on the springs.
  15. Doc1976

    torque converter on a tapered shaft?

    So I am in the planning stages of a Tule trooper I picked up a while back, and trying to figure out the power train. I've got my heart set on using an 8 horse flathead briggs with a torque converter. the problem is that the only ones that ever pop up in my area are on generators, and I believe...
  16. electra_boogaloo

    section for torque converters??

    is there a special section for torque converter threads? i see engine, mini bike types, classifieds, and "other" sections, but no where to post specifically about torque converters or simlar things. i need to find out if there can be any offset between the driven and the driver pulleys. right...
  17. M

    COLEMAN CT200U. Torque converter?

    Any ideas on the best way to drop the clutch and put a TC on these?
  18. T

    can you fit a preditor motor with torque converter in a bonanza bc1200

    can you fit a preditor motor with torque converter in a bonanza bc1200 frame with jackshaft?:confused:
  19. james ackerman

    Old unknown torque converter set-up.

    Not sure what brand this is, was functioning when pulled off the bike. $80 shipped.
  20. B

    Terra Floater torque converter change

    Ok guys, now that I know what mini bike I have now I can get to the real question. I need some help with what to order to replace the existing torque converter with a new one.