Cr500 mini bike

So my neighbor had an old mini bike his son used to ride around on in the 90s, till the engine blew, I got it for free. I was planning on getting a 212 and being done, but in my usual online hunt, I found a 98 cr500 engine for 150$, ad says it runs, I can only imagine how impractically fun would this be. I can’t imagine the bike will stay on two wheels at any speed whatsoever, which isn’t really an issue for me ;) but will the frame crack under the stress from that much power? I’m probably gonna pull the trigger on it regardless, but has anyone here had experience with something similar before?


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Not only that, CR500s are brutal as a 230lb dirt bike. The later ones made 56hp stock at just 5800rpm. It was actually popular to put heavier flywheels on them to tame the power delivery somewhat. I think that engine in a mini would would be unrideable.
There are examples of full size maico dirt bike engines being used in minibikes. Do a search of posts on this board you will find this discussion. Good luck on your project. Consider a build thread so others(I) can follow along.

You might want to think about a wheelie bar
Just like Shelby said, they are ridiculously strong! A friend of mine had one and let me try it out and it scared the crap out of me. It would lift the front wheel up with just a little throttle and I had to sit as far forward on the seat so it wouldn't flip me off the back. It made my IT 400 seem like a moped!
If you've the ability to properly mount that engine to that frame, you probably have the ability to make a frame better suited to the engine. My two cents for what they're worth.