What are they and where did you find the front hydro forks? Cool.
The forks are from a late 90s Yamaha PW 80 , they are tough little forks and can be bought pretty cheap , I paid $50 for the complete set up but I'm just using the fork legs and not the triple tree
Looking great , I have used the PW80 forks on a couple mini builds , they tend to be a tad soft , I've been wanting to research how to stiffen them up a bit , let me know when you find out , lol
Yes...unscrew cap carefully because the spring will pop out...then put your chosen length of pvc and put back together....I always precut several lengths...always seem to find for my taste 3/4 worked the size of the spring dictates size of pvc....smaller spring 1/4” don’t want pvc sliding over or into spring....
I always cut 1/2” pvc pipe and put on top of springs...1/2 to an inch at a time....usually found about 3/4 to be a sweet spot....just a thought....
Yup that is exactly what you do to any forks if there to soft , I will wait until I'm all done and then I will start cutting pvc pipe , but since I'm a fat guy I think I will need 1" or 1 1/4" , :(
Ok , I know I'm falling behind with my post and pictures , but I have thr triple trees tack together , I got the new rims and tires for my build, I'm going with 22x11x8 , so i have to finish up the trees and then i can start on mounting the rear wheel and tire and she will be a roller 20190112_193910.jpg 20190112_193928.jpg
Jim, you sure have a lot of tools and material....that's great!
How will the drivetrain look on on
this big monster?
It's a full service welding shop , one of these days I will get to take 10 minutes and clean up a little :( , the drive train will be a tav40 belt drive setup , and disc brake on the rear wheel
I like torque converters because they help out the motor so much.
They are a good invention and that big-o 40 will take care of business
no doubt. I know if I tried electric start one time, I wouldn't ever go
back to a recoil or pull-rope.