Dead spot in Carb

Want a little more torque and the stock carb is jetted but seems to have no response down low. The motor is a 6.5 Honda clone 196cc I believe, the motor has a small cam bp2 cam and a .10 over bsp rod. Motor has good mid range torque but I would love to be able to break traction as soon as I hit throttle it goes and pops the front end up. I though maybe a Mikuni with a good rich low side. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks in advance:thumbsup:
How about sticking a bigger rear sprocket on it? Maybe play with the gearing a bit? A lot of this will depend on your tires, as well. I have a shed full of 5" karting wheels (slicks). I'll send you one for the price of shipping (I'll send them all to you for the price of shipping), but you'd need a good 5" wheel for it. I'm running snow hogs, and there's no slipping there. It will wheelie and flip before it breaks traction.


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What are you using for an exhaust pipe?? A straight (no baffles) pipe is good at top end but robs torque at the low end.

If you have baffles, then like said above, change the sprocket ratio's.
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With a bp2 cam you will loose bottom end...

That cam comes in good from 5000-8000 rpm...
It also likes a larger exhaust...
It has a good bit more duration than a stock cam... Therefore it moves the powerband up into the higher rpm...
Also it likes a larger carb. That is a Builders Prepared cam, which is a kart class spec cam...