Doing cartwheels right now...

Been trying to get these valve covers for my '37 Pontiac for a couple years now and have been seeing them go through the roof. First set I saw went for a little over $500 and I missed them. The next set went for over $1500, so this time I was prepared and threw $1736 at them and stuck at $643. Trust me I felt dizzy throwing that kind of money at them, but they are SUUUUPER rare and the crowning touch for my engine that's already loaded with rare parts.

1959 59 Pontiac Thompson Valve Covers Mickey MT Tri Power 389 1960 60 420A | eBay

Early "Thompson" covers before the Mickey Thompson (M/T) covers that many of know already. I already had another rare set that are basically the same cover only they say M/T on them in the fins similar to the later common ones. The last set of those went for over $500
You better sell me some used hunt wilde grips to re-coop some of your money:laugh::laugh: Nice score:thumbsup:
Sorry, I only have about 15 sets sets of new ones lol

Come to think of it though, the ones on my Burrito were used and so nice that my cheap a$$ wouldn't let me use one of the 15 sets of new ones lol


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I can relate to this
When I scored a palmini hydraulic brake caliper and master cylinder set for my vintage kart ... and the 4 year search was over:thumbsup:
Got lucky and timed it right
Threw the bid on at the last second. This method has caused me to lose things by the bid not going in in time and also have lost because if you do it too soon, someone else can get you and there's no time left for another bid. So yes, timing very critical, and lucky that the same people that drove the last set up didn't get in on it.
nice score...those are bad ass for sure! Can we get a pic of those on the motor when you get them?
Here's the engine, which already has a super rare set on it - basically the same cover only with M/T in the fins instead of Thompson on the side. Later they totally redesigned the M/T covers and that design cover is everywhere.

The engine is a '69 428HO Pontiac and has a super rare Doug Nash tunnel ram, Super rare Moon 2 piece scoop that slides into itself along with the HO cast iron manifolds, etc.

Engine is fresh and was in another of my cars for less than 5,000 miles. Needs some fresh paint and polish before it goes in for good, but holding off until we do the mock up.

Interior work in progress. My buddy does high street rod interiors. Note the white chalk outlines here and there that hasn't been cleaned up yet. Still waiting on a machinist buddy to finish some dash parts so we can finish the damn thing.

He's basically making a finned billit aluminum dash insert for afdtermarket gauges and a matching glovebox door. They are mostly done and look awesome, he's bogged down on the small details like mounting, etc.