Dutch minibike build.

Btw, Nederlander here too but living in Sweden, I moved here 18 years ago.
Sweden is a nice country, we've been there several times, back when I was an active tractorpuller. Those tractorpulls in Sweden were mostly in the south of Sweden (Hörby), but we've been at a tractorpull in Sundsvall, too. That was a long drive... Same as when we had a European championship in Finland, we had to drive from Malmo to Stockholm and take the ferry to Usikaupunki (or something).

My minibike is near completion (as far as that goes) and will get some paint on it soon. Some small, time consuming, parts are being made in the workshop. Grinder and welder are being used well lately.
As the Honda GX160 has some kind of lighting/charging coil, I will put a small battery on it with a rectifier/regulator. Let's see if it works... The 12V will power a tachometer, I ordered from Ebay.

A small dash is fabricated to house the tachometer, On/off switch (normally open and normally closed) and LED indicatorlight.

I welded a M10x1,25 nut on the bottom of the custom gastank to adapt a fuel tap.

The filler necks and caps arrived from Arizona and I finished the custom gastank.

A bracket is being made to mount the chainguard.

Homemade chainguard, made of thin polished stainless sheetmetal.

This chainguard is so thin, it was hard to weld... Next time I'll use thicker material and paint it. Thicker is also more ridgid.

Still need to make supports to mount the gastank and supports for the small dash. After that it's time for some paint. Colors: Silver metallic frame with red parts. And some black.
"Stay tuned"
Hello again,

It really is time for some paint. See pictures below for the story and final result!

Disassembled minibike

Front- and rearhub painted in black.

Axles and brake discs also painted in black.

Primer on fenders.

Primer on frame and other parts.

Disassembly coolingfan cover.

Well, this cooling fan looks damaged...I might have to order another one, sometime

Painting the coolingfan cover, after getting the dents out.

I have made a new decal with my vinyl cutter and put it on the coolingfan cover.

Gastank and electrical parts installed. Tachometer, battery, LED indicater light, on/off switch (used to shut down engine and power electrical parts).

Pictures of result:

Well as far as this bike build goes: this thread probably won't get much updates from me, from now on. As it is kind of ready. There is still more bike builds to come for sure!
"Stay tuned"
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Hello again!

It's been a long time since I last posted something. The minibike is doing great. Except for punctured tires...
For future projects I purchased a manual tube/pipe bender with several dies.
This bender makes some nice bends.

Last summer I bought an electric big tire scooter. It's road legal and on nice days I use it to travel to work (25mph).

I have designed and manufactured golfbagholders for these scooters since I was asked to do so, by the importer. And sold them... To make some money to use on minibikes.
A lot of bending of 38mm tubing.

Parts welded together.

The golfbagholder can be easily turned sideways, which makes it a standard.

At the moment the next minibike build is in design process.
It will be build by me and my 17yo daughter. And she wants it to be a General Lee minibike.
This minibike will get a torque converter, which I bought in Germany through Ebay.
Rake and trail is slightly diffrent from the previous minibike. More of this minibike to follow in another thread soon.

"Stay tuned"
This minibike (from this project) is nowadays being used to do some testing for an GX160 engine that had some changes made to it. That engine will be used in a new-to-build minibike.

I still have the first clutch on it. It is a cheap Chinese clutch, and the bushing/bearing was showing some play.
I have replaced it with a new bushing, with the same dimensions.
The drum also showed some wear, but I'm not sure if something could be done to it. I can try to make it flat again on the lathe.

The new bushing in place.