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Hey I just registered this is my first post on any forum ever. Heres A little about myself. Been riding about 5 years, my state is Florida, I ride dirt and street when I'm not riding or building the ride I'm working as a chef. Anyhow about my mini bike history. I've had two so far. A Murray track 2 and a motovox mbx10. First I started with the factory Motovox. It was pretty slow and couldn't power through much when it came to a patch of lose sand but I knew where a 6.5 Briggs and Stratton was and that made it really fun. Soon my seat cracked in half so I put the aftermarket black one on it. Much more comfy and it seats the lady friend. Well soon she wanted to ride her own. In comes the Murray. I detuned the Motovox for her and got me what i thought would be a "smoother" ride. Nope, the Murray made my back want to scream. Well turns out she doesn't like riding it by herself....gets a little nervous behind the wheel. So the Murray went for sale and I've decided to modify my Motovox pretty heavily. :scooter:
What I have come up with is this dou seat suspension and front fork setup. The kicker with this one though is I've ditched the commercial lawn engines for something a little more interesting. A 125cc 4 speed clutch driven pitbike engine courtesy of lifan. It's on its way this week so I'll try to update as I build. Right now it is still a roller with side shaft engine setup but I figure I'll post a before and after. Glad to be a member thanks to any input or suggestions.



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Nice and Welcome!
Gas tank looks Steampunk.

First thing while it's apart, beef up that engine plate area. I know you are going to have to make new mounts anyway, but you need a solid foundation.
That Lifan is gonna be geared pretty low internally due to the fact it is normally powering a small trail bike with a small diameter sprocket.
So you will want to over drive your jackshaft to make up for this.

So far I eliminated the original engine plate along with the jackshaft and made my own mount using the four bolts on the bottom of the engine I may add another one to the top just to be safe. Had to bend my exhaust a little to make it work Wasn't to crazy about doing that. Same with the kick start. But I can easily and safely kick it over without hitting anything so hopefully it'll be OK. I've run into a few snags as they sent 1p54fmi instead of 1p52fmi so my front sprocket was a 428 instead of 420. So I got another on the way that's right. Also I got the wiring diagram for 1p52fmi and it's really hard to read and what I can read the colors don't seem to match up. I contacted the company I bought it from and they are working with me to figure it out. Thank you to all the replies. It is a c02 tank I used for my gas tank. I had to remove the valve unfortunately but I milled that aluminum pipe and put a car oil breather on top hehe. I stay in Melbourne Soon I hope to be shifting some gears with this thing :)


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