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Bonanza. CZ 125
I can't take Credit for this build .I can say this Bike is by far the Coolest Freakiest Bike i have ever owned or ever saw....Pics do nothing for the Look of this Bike. Lets just say its a Frankelstein Piece of Art !!! From the day i saw the bike 5 years ago till today it Still is so over the Top like the First the Very First. !!!!! This Thing is Alive !!!!
I was out at my buddy's place today and didn't even think to get pics of the bike his dad built. He's rebuilding it and it's got a 212 Predator in it now. I rode it a bit and it rides decently.

He also gave me the Subaru Robin engine that it originally had in it since he didn't want it. I'm sure it's nothing since it looks stock, but it has this cool decal on the pull start. Free engine, now I have to find a frame to put it in. Should run once it has a carb on it.