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Ought to name that bike - ''Head banger''. .o_O

That's playing ''Russian roulette''/ ''just asking for it'' !! :eek::rolleyes:

Got the GX ready for a nice early eve. cruise. :cool:

Haven't been riding Mini's much this summer, or been on here for awhile either,,, as I have been catching up on my R/C builds & flying,, that I didn't get in much the last couple of years,, because of Mini & Kart builds,, plus catastrophic weather events ...

This fall ,,I plan on ''a lot'' of early eve. Mini cruising though. ;)

Ok here’s mine it’s a mega moto 80 frame that’s been stretched 6”….front suspension..F &R hydraulic brakes with stainless lines “built” tillotson 212E start Sun-f street tires on GPS 3 spoke mini mag wheel
Gonna be tearing it down and send out for powder coating
I’ll post photos once it has some colors on it 6F5DF329-9101-4A0A-9D0F-C9A584BCC8B7.jpeg DEB13AB4-D3CA-4AA3-B5C4-FF776651BAFC.jpeg
Hey lizard king….would your name have anything to do with Mr.Morrison ? I have the “over the top” mega 80 just about assembled got the wheels and tires mounted up today and the ceri coated hubs got new much went into this build.this is my 4th build since February, I can’t seem to keep them as soon as I finish one someone shows up and buys it. I am really fine with that as it’s the build that gets my juices flowing
However I am NOT selling this’s some photos from this morning and yes it’s on a automotive asymmetric lift hope the photos look ok. I’ll tell you this bike looks completely different in natural sunlight. I can post more about the build if ya like. I don’t want to post such a long text but there’s lots to tell F410C683-B1F6-4718-8BA8-BFB7A9D934D9.jpeg E007C015-9996-44D5-A4B5-306FC92C21E7.jpeg